Last week we traveled back to Bret’s hometown to surprise his mom for her birthday. While I knew this trip was coming for several weeks, I decided (last minute) to sew up a few things for our adventure…. comfortable things because it literally takes an entire day to get there (even by planes)! So I decided to make a couple of Claras – one in a fun, geode peached performance (perfect for a travel day) and another in a dressier, stretch velour (that would be great for a birthday party).

While I’ve made the Clara before, I have apparently made them in several sizes…. because I realized that my velour leggings looked a bit smaller after cutting them out. Of course, THATS when I checked out the sizing and noticed that they were 2 sizes smaller than what I should have cut. I decided to go ahead and forge ahead and see how they turned out anyway. After discovering my mistake, I did use the correct sizing for the geode leggings.

I did a trial fit of the velour leggings without the waistband and was pleasantly surprised that they fit – they were a snugger than what they should have been, but not uncomfortable. However, I knew that the waistband might be more of an issue so I opted to make the elastic in that area larger (which is why you’re seeing more rippling in that area with that version an in the geode)… and surprisingly, it worked! So moral of the story, get yourself some highly stretchy fabric and chances are you’ll be able to make the pattern work even if you cut out the wrong size!