The Doctor Is In

Fresh off the sewing machine (seriously, I put the finishing touches on him about 10 minutes ago), my latest plague doctor plush (if you’re interested, you can see my previous version here).

For this version, I used a floral embroidery design around the eyes, a quilting cotton (it looks like a twill design) for the coat, a quilting cotton for the cape with a plague doctor lining, and a faux leather for the hat. Overall, I think that he came together much faster than my last version, but that leather hat takes way too long to try to “press”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end result, but it’s not fun to construct and I still can’t quite get it to lay how I want it to. If I make this pattern again, I think I’m going to look for a different material to work with or skip that all together and make a cloak with a hood.

Now that he’s finished, I’m itching to stitch up a few bags! I have some fantastic prints that are screaming to be used plus I bought a bit of clear vinyl to try out some snack style bags too!