Wee Tee

Today’s project is a simple baby tee from Patterns for Pirates (as a bonus, it’s FREE!). I made sure I LABELED my pieces so I knew which side what which (although this pattern had a more obvious front and back), but went ahead and put tags on all the garments that I’ve made so that it’s easy to distinguish.

For this version, I used a remnant penguin print from Blended Threads that I had used in a project last year (it was just enough for this tee and probably enough for a matching burp cloth) and a bit of black cotton spandex from Girl Charliee. I went with a short sleeved (because it’s still going to be hot when this baby arrives), banded tee version – it was easy to put together and all the pieces went together nicely. If you’re searching for a basic infant pattern, this is a great pattern to start with!