Sublimation Attempts

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to do any screen prints, but I stumbled across a new merchant and had to give them a try. I purchased this group from Dark & Divine and put them on several tees and a sweatshirt. I also picked up a few Hellfire Club sublimation prints from Bad Stitches, you can see the results here:

Speaking of sublimation… I used a few continuous sublimation designs (also from Bad Stitches) to make my own fabric! The results were pretty impressive:

I knew going in that I would need a high polyester count fabric to make these (these are done on a poly poplin that I found on Amazon), but I was still surprised at how vivid they look (especially the black backgrounds).

I did learn some very important things working on these. First off, always use a press cloth (or heat proof barrier) between the sublimation paper and the heat plate on your heat press (you’ll definitely need a heat press with this and not an iron) – otherwise you’ll see a bit of transfer on your next press. Secondly, make sure that press cloth is evenly distributed. If not, you’ll get uneven heat distribution and find that the color won’t be even (which is why one part of the “Miss Argentina” design is lighter at the bottom). Lastly, make sure that your fabric can withstand the high temperatures as they need to be pressed for a fair length of time. The fabric I purchased did well for the pressing time I needed to sublimate the fabric, but I did use a scrap as a press cloth and it definitely took a beating after I was done.

I’m very excited to give these sublimated prints a whirl with a small project (they are permanent so they shouldn’t fade if washed), but if I do this again in the future, I’ll have to be sure to pick up more than one print so I can use it for something more substantial (like a bag). In the mean time, I really enjoyed playing around with this technique!