I knew May was going to be a busy month – end of year activities, tournaments, travels, deadlines, and playing catch-up from the past two months have been keeping us on the go, but I didn’t realize how much other stuff (like sewing) I wouldn’t get to. My list of projects and ideas have kept growing, but (I’m sure you’ve noticed) my productivity the past few weeks have come to a halt. On the other hand, my fabric stash has kept growing:

This is my latest fabric (and some notions haul). Most are from pre-orders from long ago (Covid delayed these by many, many, many months), but I did manage to buy a vinyl (the ombre “marshmallow” in the background), matching zipper and a fabric that will eventually be turned into the Wayfarer 2.0 (or maybe the original, I can’t decide). I’ve had my eye on that pattern for awhile and I think I’ve got all my materials together.

Speaking of materials…. you know how I wanted to start the H20toGo sling? I was hoping to have my webbing here by now, but discovered that the Etsy seller that I purchased from is shipping from China and not the US (it’s listed as a US shipping address) and it still hasn’t arrived. I may go ahead and get started sewing this project and just save the strap for when it arrives since it’s not attached directly to the body of the bag.

And now, enough blogging and back to sewing!