Little Wasabi

I’ve been a big fan of Choly Knight’s patterns for awhile now (you’ll see a lot of her free patterns appear on Linky Thursdays), so it time to finally tackle some of them! I broke down and bought several patterns from her Etsy shop and decided to start with the wasabi from her Sushi Plush bundle.

As you can see my initial attempt (left) didn’t turn out exactly as planned and that’s entirely on me. I was so excited to get started I made two big mistakes. For starters I embroidered the face without using a topper. While it doesn’t look horrible, it’s not as clean as it should be (the mouth is a great example). Secondly, I didn’t read the directions (because if I did I wouldn’t have known to round out those darts) and the darts came out WAY too pointy – it’s like my wasabi had a horn and a pointy chin. LOL My second attempt (right) came out much nicer – although if I make this little guy again, I think I’ll round out the top a bit more so it has more of a drop like shape.

I think it’s safe to say that this week may be all about plush. I had a lot of fun making this little stuffie so I think I’ll keep the ball rolling. Stay tuned for more sushi (and maybe a pillow sized one too), a plague doctor, and possibly a baby toy for an upcoming shower.

1 thought on “Little Wasabi

  1. Chris Schwab

    I think they’re both cute, but the left one has an edgy vibe… I read it as a bit evil, like a movie villain…thanks for sharing!

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