New Patterns

I had no intention on going crazy with pattern purchases, but here I am with a new stack to prep for sewing.

Initially, it started with Style Arc’s Kennedy Hooded Top – I figured I would just pick it up in the spring (because it looks like a great layering piece for soccer games), but then they announced a sale. So, that one pattern snowballed into 5 (one is the free pattern of the month which also works with the sale, too!).

Then, Petite Stitchery announced 3 new patterns and I couldn’t resist those moto style leggings (or the cute bralette). If I wouldn’t have already purchased those other patterns, I might have gotten the Remy Sweater too, but I’m really on the fence as to how I like those thick ties at the waist, especially when they dangle down.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. As I look at this pile, though, I am seriously considering buying a projector for cutting. Initially I didn’t want something that mounted to the ceiling, but I’ve seen people attaching boom arms to the walls (to attach the projector to) and now I’m almost on board. It would mean that things would have to shift slightly in my sewing room, but it would be worth it to reduce the cutting\taping of sewing patterns, and reduce the amount of space they take up when I’m done. With that said, who uses a projector for cutting? Pros, cons, favorite equipment?