Apparently, I never posted this on Friday as I had intended! Not sure what happened, but here is what I had planned on showing you. I should probably let you know that it did not grow on me and I wound up wearing something completely different.

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week and are planning on going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I had wanted to wear something new for the occasion and decided on the Hollis Sweater pattern from this month’s Seamwork magazine.

I was really excited about this pattern because it has a lot of elements that I really liked: crossover design, interesting sleeves in a knit! I thought that I might make an ‘edgy’ top and decided on using this fun magazine cover (double brushed poly) print that I picked up from So Sew English. The end result, however, was nothing like what I had in my head.

For starters, the crossover section is VERY deep. You can remedy this by tacking the two front sections together where you would like them to sit, but I found that’s not where it “naturally” wants to rest on my chest so it does look a bit odd to me. However, not doing this results in lots of cleavage. My other issue is how cropped it is – I knew it was “shorter” on the model, but I don’t really care for where it hits on me. It probably doesn’t help that it’s also double brushed poly so it’s very clingy and the hem is doing weird things to my muffin top (LOL). Lastly, this print is way too busy for this pattern – which is a bummer because I really liked this print initially.

So, my overall impression of this top is that it’s not love. I may put it back on the mannequin and see if it grows on me some, but I definitely won’t be wearing it any time soon and if I attempt the Hollis again, I’m definitely making a few modifications.