What A Mess

I may do a lot of embroidery, but there are times when a few projects just don’t work out no matter what I do. This is one of those times.

I’ve been working on some vaccine card holders and as you can see the top works great, the bottom? Not at all (I did have one that looked more decent that this, but I think it’s because it is black and the threads are harder to see). I have tried everything I could think of: different stabilizers, different needle, different backing (except the clear, which is the constant throughout this project), new needle, slower speed, putting tissue paper down to prevent vinyl drag. As you can see nothing has worked… so it’s time to throw in the towel on this one because I’m pretty sure the culprit is the clear vinyl.

If I decide to come back to this, I may just do the tops on the embroidery machine and complete the bottom on a standard machine – I think I may have better success that way. In the mean time, I need to work on something that is less frustrating – I’ve put too much energy into it without any results!