What a Weekend

After numerous hours in the car and several plane rides, we are home from our trip to see my brother-in-law get married. Not only did I finally gift the adult themed hand towels (there aren’t always a lot of people who would appreciate those, so this was a fun “extra”), but also wear my new off the shoulder romper (which was also perfect because the colors were black, green, and rust).

This month has been a whirlwind of activities: school, 2 sports (golf and soccer), weddings, etc. – I feel like I haven’t had a chance to get on top of things (I’m not going to complain too much since it “feels” more like a “normal” year). Thankfully, things are finally slowing down and I can get to all those project I have lined up.

While I was gone, I had a pre-order show up. This is from a new company, The Three Bobbins (embroidery designers that decided to start selling vinyl, zippers & pulls, and fabrics) so I was very excited to try them out! The turn around time was very fast and the vinyl seems great. The cotton fabrics are good quality, although the one on the lower left hand is very dark – so much so that a lot of the details are almost lost. I will definitely consider them again if they have an interesting round of designs.

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  1. Cindy Smith

    Hey Stacy, I love the romper! Can you recommend a screen press machine for personal use? What machine do you use?


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