Adding to the Stash?

Admittedly, I have added several yards of fabric to my closet in the past month (Although in my defense, I have “plans” for most of it.):

First off, is a scrap bundle from Zor-Elle. Overall, I was underwhelmed with what I got this time (but the last several have been hard to top). Included in this bundle was some Labyrinth canvas, “Skulls & Moths” canvas, a Mandalorian woven, The Witcher woven, “Séance” canvas, and a purple polka dot woven. The “Cheeky Cherries” woven (along with some zipper tape and pulls) on the far right is also from Zor-Elle that I purchased separately from the bundle. I love this print so much, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more.

I also snagged a faux leather Hocus Pocus print (which is absolutely adorable) from Ms. Fits Fabric. This is a relatively new vendor to me, but I can definitely see the popularity as they are definitely very cute designs. Eventually I’d like to make a purse or wallet from this material – I even picked up several different zipper options that would work with it too!

I recently picked up the Balboa Shorts from Greenstyle and realized that I didn’t have a good stretch woven that would work with that pattern. So, I snagged a pretty floral print and a sold to try this pattern out (and maybe a Moxi too).

The rest of the fabrics are from Joann (except the black and white stripe which is from – they were the only ones who had 1/2″ black and white woven in stock). I was so excited to see the “Starry Night” type print on the shelf that I might have squeeled a little. We plan on attending the immersive Van Gogh exhibit on Halloween and I really wanted to geek out and make something for the event. I also ordered a Kansas City fabric so that I could make a fun bag for Taylor (October’s BOTMC design) and something that might work for the lining. The Beetlejuice fabric is just because (and I may have preordered some fun Beetlejuice vinyl for a future bag and thought this might make a good lining).

Whew, that’s it! Now to get to sewing this stash down!