Little Black Romper

Much like the LBD, everyone needs a little black romper – something that can be easily dressed up or down, that’s comfortable to wear…. and has pockets!

So I (finally) present to you, hot off the sewing machine, my own LBR (little black romper)! For this version, I used Ellie and Mac’s Off-Shoulder Romper in the regular\full length size in a solid black bamboo spandex French Terry from SoSewEnglish. I’m very pleased with the end results, but I did find that I needed to make a few changes:

First off, it says that this pattern is drafted for someone that 5′ 5″ and to take off(or add) 1/2″ for each 1″ (if that makes sense). Seeing that I’m 5′ 4″, I should have only needed to take off 1/2″, but in the end, I wound up taking off 3 1/2″ (I really could have cut off 4″, but you can read on and see what I did next).

Secondly, the cuff is quite large. Since the length was still a bit too long and the cuff too wide, I wound up rolling it up which fixed both issues very nicely.

My last issue is the pockets – they tend to “puff out” occasionally if I don’t have the top bloused enough. Part of the issue may be because I forgot to topstitch the pocket after I turned the lining, but it can’t be that entirely since it lays flat if I pull the waist up higher.

Otherwise, the fit is fabulous and I’m pretty sure this is going to be what I’m wearing to an outdoor wedding this weekend!

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    1. stacy Post author

      OOOh, good point, I didn’t think about the stretch lengthwise. I did wind up measuring the pattern inseam to mine and also believe that even though I’m 5′ 4″, my torso makes up more proportion than my legs. LOL

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