Halloween Tees

I spent the morning pressing Halloween tees:

I’m always interested to see how designs change when placed on different colors. For example, I did several “Camp Crystal Lake” shirts and they all look very different on different bases. After they were all finished, I determined “oxblood black” (which doesn’t look like black at all, it’s more like an eggplant). I also tried my hand at a few bleached tees (the Pennywise & Hocus Pocus tees on the left, the Hocus Pocus in the middle, and the Edward Scissorhands on the right)… which might be my new favorite technique! Even though the red tee didn’t turn out as I expected, it still looks very cool once the design was transferred onto it. I may pick up some spray dyes and try my hand at making an easy ombre look in future tees.