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Linky Thursday

Yesterday I started decorating for Halloween – one of my favorite holidays! You’ll find that I write quite a few tutorials for the occasion. Here’s some of my most recent for Bernina’s WeAllSew: Mummy Pillow Slipcover (the eyes even glow!), Halloween Mask, and Devil Headband.

Still thinking about what you might stitch up for Halloween? Here’s some of the most popular Superhero costumes of 2021. If that’s not your bag, here’s some great pop culture costume ideas for 2021. FYI, most of these are just “ideas” for costumes and not links to the actual patterns themselves (although some do have great free pattern links attached).

Exploding boxes have been a huge success in the machine cutting\papercrafting world. If you’ve always wanted to try one for yourself, here’s one in fabric form.

If you have fabric scraps that you’re saving for just the right project, this coin purse may just be it.

My aunt recently stitched up some gifts for a baby shower which included a set of homemade baby bibs (this version has a great side snap).

Fabric panels can be tricky to figure out how to use. I love the idea of transforming them into body pillows (and especially love that this one glows in the dark).

I’m sort of out of the loop on kid’s shows lately, but I do know Bluey is a huge hit. Here’s how to make your child a Bluey (or Bingo – same pattern, different colors and spots) costume for Halloween.

If you’re looking for a unique way to upcycle jeans, check out this beautiful autumn leaf pillow. If does use a cutting machine, but could definitely be made without one.

Get cozy this fall with a sherpa and flannel blanket. Looking for something a little more luxurious? Be sure to check out this leather and fleece version that folds up into a pillow too!

Candy Cane Couple

I’m a Halloween person – so I don’t normally jump ahead to Christmas until November, but I got my advanced copy of (winter) Creative Machine Embroidery magazine and I just had to share my latest project: Candy Cane Couple Aprons.

When I first started planning out this project, I had envisioned stitching up something completely different. But this idea slowly evolved after I stumbled across these embroidery designs and I am so excited about the end result. (So much so that I’ve told myself that all his brother’s & sisters and their spouses need one for Christmas). Once this issue is (fully) released you can grab the pattern as a free download and make your own version!

What a Weekend

After numerous hours in the car and several plane rides, we are home from our trip to see my brother-in-law get married. Not only did I finally gift the adult themed hand towels (there aren’t always a lot of people who would appreciate those, so this was a fun “extra”), but also wear my new off the shoulder romper (which was also perfect because the colors were black, green, and rust).

This month has been a whirlwind of activities: school, 2 sports (golf and soccer), weddings, etc. – I feel like I haven’t had a chance to get on top of things (I’m not going to complain too much since it “feels” more like a “normal” year). Thankfully, things are finally slowing down and I can get to all those project I have lined up.

While I was gone, I had a pre-order show up. This is from a new company, The Three Bobbins (embroidery designers that decided to start selling vinyl, zippers & pulls, and fabrics) so I was very excited to try them out! The turn around time was very fast and the vinyl seems great. The cotton fabrics are good quality, although the one on the lower left hand is very dark – so much so that a lot of the details are almost lost. I will definitely consider them again if they have an interesting round of designs.

Links for the Weekend

Looking to keep your living room more organized? This arm chair remote holder is the perfect project this weekend.

If your little one has to wear a mask at school, this lanyard keeps it handy or from them from misplacing it.

Our temperatures took a dip today, these hand warmers are looking good right about now. If it’s colder than hand warmer weather, this puffer jacket will definitely keep you cozy.

This color blocked skirt makes a great wardrobe staple and the color blocking looks flattering on everyone.

This organizer is perfect for stashing notions for classes or just to keep your sewing room organized. There’s even a handy video tutorial too!

Looking for a great date night dress? Be sure to check out the Eva.

Lounging around the house will be even more comfortable with a pair of lace and chambray shorts.

Put your feet up at the end of the day with a DIY floor poof.

These gift bags are perfect for stashing gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Enter to win a jelly roll of Anna Marie Horner’s Hindsight.

Adding to the Stash?

Admittedly, I have added several yards of fabric to my closet in the past month (Although in my defense, I have “plans” for most of it.):

First off, is a scrap bundle from Zor-Elle. Overall, I was underwhelmed with what I got this time (but the last several have been hard to top). Included in this bundle was some Labyrinth canvas, “Skulls & Moths” canvas, a Mandalorian woven, The Witcher woven, “Séance” canvas, and a purple polka dot woven. The “Cheeky Cherries” woven (along with some zipper tape and pulls) on the far right is also from Zor-Elle that I purchased separately from the bundle. I love this print so much, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more.

I also snagged a faux leather Hocus Pocus print (which is absolutely adorable) from Ms. Fits Fabric. This is a relatively new vendor to me, but I can definitely see the popularity as they are definitely very cute designs. Eventually I’d like to make a purse or wallet from this material – I even picked up several different zipper options that would work with it too!

I recently picked up the Balboa Shorts from Greenstyle and realized that I didn’t have a good stretch woven that would work with that pattern. So, I snagged a pretty floral print and a sold to try this pattern out (and maybe a Moxi too).

The rest of the fabrics are from Joann (except the black and white stripe which is from – they were the only ones who had 1/2″ black and white woven in stock). I was so excited to see the “Starry Night” type print on the shelf that I might have squeeled a little. We plan on attending the immersive Van Gogh exhibit on Halloween and I really wanted to geek out and make something for the event. I also ordered a Kansas City fabric so that I could make a fun bag for Taylor (October’s BOTMC design) and something that might work for the lining. The Beetlejuice fabric is just because (and I may have preordered some fun Beetlejuice vinyl for a future bag and thought this might make a good lining).

Whew, that’s it! Now to get to sewing this stash down!

Little Black Romper

Much like the LBD, everyone needs a little black romper – something that can be easily dressed up or down, that’s comfortable to wear…. and has pockets!

So I (finally) present to you, hot off the sewing machine, my own LBR (little black romper)! For this version, I used Ellie and Mac’s Off-Shoulder Romper in the regular\full length size in a solid black bamboo spandex French Terry from SoSewEnglish. I’m very pleased with the end results, but I did find that I needed to make a few changes:

First off, it says that this pattern is drafted for someone that 5′ 5″ and to take off(or add) 1/2″ for each 1″ (if that makes sense). Seeing that I’m 5′ 4″, I should have only needed to take off 1/2″, but in the end, I wound up taking off 3 1/2″ (I really could have cut off 4″, but you can read on and see what I did next).

Secondly, the cuff is quite large. Since the length was still a bit too long and the cuff too wide, I wound up rolling it up which fixed both issues very nicely.

My last issue is the pockets – they tend to “puff out” occasionally if I don’t have the top bloused enough. Part of the issue may be because I forgot to topstitch the pocket after I turned the lining, but it can’t be that entirely since it lays flat if I pull the waist up higher.

Otherwise, the fit is fabulous and I’m pretty sure this is going to be what I’m wearing to an outdoor wedding this weekend!

Halloween Home Decor

After seeing my last round of (adult themed) towels, my oldest decided that she needed some for her apartment… I was happy to oblige.

Linky Thursday

Looking to make some pj pants, but tired of printing patterns? This tutorial will show you how to make them without touching your computer.

Tiny things are always cute and this mini (and I mean mini) bag is simply adorable!

If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen\dining area, this valance is a fast way to spruce up a room. Then finish it off with coordinating non-slip chair pads.\

I have nowhere to wear this dress, but the Tacca is simply stunning.

Get nostalgic when you make this Tetris themed tablet case.

The evenings are getting chillier and cool weather dressing will soon be upon us. Looking for a quick or beginner project to add to your wardrobe? Then be sure to check out this fleece fringed scarf. Looking for something you can snuggle up with instead? Then try making this fleece blanket with satin edges instead.

I’ve noticed that the Halloween fabrics are flying off the shelves – which means it’s never too early to start sewing up those treat bags for handing out on Halloween night.

With school back to in-person, I’ve been seeing lots of people looking for these pillow bed tutorials – it’s great for rest time in preschool and kindergarten.

Give new life to a tired tee with this t-shirt to cami upcycle.


The past month has been full of school activities, sports, and weekend fun (yay for some bits of normalcy!). With all the hubbub, I’ve found that I have a lot less time for projects – which means I have a bunch of half finished makes on my table!

One project that I’ve been wanting to tackle for quite some time is a solid black jumpsuit. I decided to give Ellie & Mac’s Off-Shoulder Romper again (you can see my previous version here), but unfortunately had to start from scratch because after I finished my first one, I decided that I probably wouldn’t make another romper so similar (apparently, I was wrong!)

I managed to assemble a new pattern and construct the top – here’s my stopping point. Next up the pockets and bottoms. I’m excited to see this one put together and styling it.

Sheer Madness

Are you ready for one more project from the Fall 2021 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery? This time around it’s a fun, sheer scarf!

This article teaches you how to create an oversized (extra long) scarf, gives you several finishing options, and tips on how to embroidery with chiffon. It’s a fast little project and a great looking accessory!