Mystery Vinyl

Quite some time ago, I ordered a Mystery Vinyl pack from Zor-Elle. In what should have been (roughly) 12 week turn around, wound up being something closer to 20 because of Covid…. but it finally arrived and I was not disappointed! Not only were there 7 awesome vinyl prints, but they threw in some fun extras because the wait was so long. I’m not sure what I want to work with first, but I think I’m going to finally try the Ymir very soon!

In other fun supplies, I had some fabulous sewing string show up (and then had regret that I didn’t purchase more). When I placed this order, I decided to try some “interesting” threads: glow in the dark, solar (the thread changes from white to pink in UV light), and temperature change (the thread changes from blue to pink in heat). I don’t have any specific plan for these, but I couldn’t resist giving them a try to see what they’re like. It should give an interesting touch to some future projects!