Piper ID

Last week we got out of the house and saw LIVE MUSIC! I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Since I knew that we would be there for several hours (it was 4 bands – the concert started at 5:30 and would go until 11ish), I decided I needed to bring a charger for my phone, etc. Unfortunately, (women’s) pockets are so small (and the venue had a VERY TINY bag size limit), I decided I should make something to carry all my “essentials” – Lind’s Handmade Piper ID Holder.

For this version, I decided to crack out some of my favorite prints and notions: a Tim Burton inspired Superhero fabric (exterior and lanyard), a Wonder Woman pull, and matching zipper tape (all from Zor-Elle’s Fabric) and Tula Pink’s Nightshade Raven Lace for the interior. And I think that the end result is super cute and it gave me an excuse to use some of the fun fabric that I’ve been stashing.

As for the pattern, it came together much faster than what I expected. I decided to put this together last minute (hours before we had to leave) and I was able to complete it before we left. I thought that the instructions were well written and there are plenty of pictures to help you along the way, too. This was my first experience with this pattern company and it did not disappoint – in fact, I saw several other patterns I may give a try very soon!

My only complaint about this pattern is the size. Even though I knew the dimensions going in (3.5 x 5″), after I was finished, I wished it was larger so that it could fit my phone. I may eventually try something like the Slim Sling which would be a good alternative if I need something to carry my phone when I don’t have pockets.