Barbie V2

I’ve been mulling around this version of Gertie’s Barbie Top for quite awhile, but it took a date night for me to finally make it happen!

After making my original Barbie, I decided that a sleeveless version needed to happen. After sifting through my stash, I pulled out this fun cotton knit, tattoo flash from SoSewEnglish and thought it would make a great retro (feeling) tee. But, several other projects took priority and it sat for a very long time. This past weekend we had planned on a date night and I decided (last minute) that I needed something new to wear (and sleeveless seemed perfect because it’s soooo hot out)… so I finally decided to make this project happen.

First off, I completely forgot how fast this shirt comes together. When I say that I decided to make this top last minute, I wasn’t kidding – it was about 2 hours before we were ready to head out that I started it. Not only was I able to sew this up in under an hour, but I had plenty of time to put on makeup and fix my hair too. It was a great date night sew!

Since I used a stretchier cotton on this I did find the fit slightly different with this tee than my original. Overall, it is a bit looser, but more comfortable to wear. I also think that the arm bands could be a bit tighter – so if I do this version again, I may play with it and see how it turns out, or may bring in the shoulders some instead as Gertie’s version appears to sit on the tops of her shoulders and mine hang slightly over.