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New Releases

*Squeeeee* have you seen the news? Jalie released their new patterns! That means I can finally show you some of the things I’ve been working on behind the scenes. First up, the Laurent T-shirt, pullover, & hoodie.

This was one of Easton & I’s favorite patterns – mostly because it’s so versatile and it had a great fit. I started making a hoodie (the print wound up being very “bold” for Easton so he mostly wears this version around the house), but he liked it so much that I decided to make the t-shirt… It is one of his all time favorite shirts (which thrills this mama, because he’s not always one to go for handmade). With the new school year starting next week, I definitely see more of these in our future!

Linky Thursday

In this week’s BERNINA WeAllSew Newsletter, you’ll see an oldie, but goodie pattern that I made for the Billboard Messenger. It’s a fun way to use a recyclable material and creates a very durable, water resistant bag!

Learn how to work with this interesting faux chain mail material and grab a free mock turtle bodysuit pattern while you’re at it!

These canvas and fabric lined zip bags would make a great back to school pouch… or just a cute bag!

Covered notebooks are a hot sewing trend right now. Learn how to make you own fabric covered art book using this free tutorial.

These pocket pillows are perfect for reading and a great way to use novelty fabrics.

This cosmetic bag has a fold over brush roll to keep your tools neat and organized.

Hate zippers? This duffle tutorial promises to take the fear out of making a bag with one.

These drawstring linen shorts won’t just keep you cool in this (oppressive) heat, but they’re a super trendy paper bag style, too.

Enter to win 3 patterns from DIY Fluffies.

If your garden is overflowing with produce, you’ll definitely want to make this harvest apron for your next picking.

Our dog likes to try to help “drive the car” if he’s not kept in the backseat. Learn how to keep your best friend safe in the back by sewing up one of these dog hammocks.

I Heart You

When George & Ginger came out with floral rapport fabric, I snagged a few (honestly, I could have taken them all) – not only because I love the bold floral design, but also because you instantly get 2 coordinating fabrics that are the same color and same material. I finally put one of them to good use this week by whipping up this cute, I Heart You lounge set (FYI this pattern is free, but you need to grab the code from this YouTube video to get it. You’ll want to watch the video anyway if you want to make this set because this is the only set of instructions available for this pattern).

I’m very happy with the end result, too. The flower is fun and different and the material is such a great quality (it is a bit beefier than what I expected, so keep that in mind depending on your project). I’m also really pleased with the fit of the top – it’s a nice dolman shape, but is a bit more fitted around the waist and hips than most others I’ve sewn. The “Skippies” (which are sort of like a tiny sleep short) is also very comfortable and adorable on, but I think I could have almost gone up one size – while there’s plenty of stretch to these, the thickness of the fabric seems to make it a bit snugger than what I was after (or maybe I just really like loose fitting bottoms at night). But all in all, I love this set. It’s also perfect right now because it’s sweltering out!


Saturday is Free Comic Book Day so it only seems right that I make a shirt just for the occasion. I (finally) cut into the Wonder Woman panel that I bought ages ago from KNITorious Fabrics and paired it up with a coordinating knit from the same line (for the back, hem band, and hood) to make this Olivia from Sonia Estep Designs.

The Olivia is a dolman hoodie (optional) with 3 sleeve lengths, and 3 hem options. For this version I made a hooded tee with short sleeves and a banded hem. Like what you see? You can snag this pattern for 50% off for the next 24 hours (so, until Tuesday).

Presenting My Laney-Jane Bag

Apparently Friday got the best of me and I neglected to show off my finished Laney- Jane Bag. Here she is in all her glory:

Let me start off by saying: This is probably one of the most impressive looking bags that I have ever made. Not only is it extremely structured, but it has lots of beautiful hardware and I really love that it showcases the print well. While I’ve made lots of bags, this one is probably my (new) favorite… and I made it in the same month that the pattern was released – I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before!

So if you missed some of the details form this will week, I’ll recap a bit on what I wound up doing for this version. The body of the bag is made in a faux leather from (unfortunately, it’s no longer available), a custom monster movie poster canvas from Zor-elle Fabrics, and a simple black cotton for the lining. I had intended on using the faux leather on the handle and strap (and the hangers on the interior), but found it extremely thick to work with when folded over, so I scrapped that idea and went with the canvas instead (which I feel looks better now that it’s assembled anyway). I also used some additional interfacing (foam for the flap and an extra layer of Devovil heavy on the bag body) which really does give it that extra support and crispness that you might see in ready-to-wear bags.

Now let’s get down to talking about this pattern – it’s fabulous. The finished product looks complicated, but the instructions are so well written that almost anyone could put this together and have good results… and if you get stuck, there’s an entire series of YouTube videos to help you at each step (I did watch some of them and found that the tips and tricks were extremely helpful). The whole construction process is much easier than expected too. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to turn this bag right side out – seriously, even with all that interfacing, it’s the easiest one I’ve ever done.

Overall, I found this an enjoyable bag to make. I still stress out when adding hardware (although I did get new “tiny tools” that made it go much smoother and faster) because nothing worries me more than making holes in a finished product, especially when it comes to turnlocks) and I thought that the metal bag plate on the flap was hard to insert (I think it was the foam that made it puffy, but after playing around with it for awhile, I used a metal ruler to help slide it in which helped immensely), but the rest of the bag was awesome. I also think I learned some new skills in making this bag too, which is always a bonus.

Do I recommend this pattern? Heck yeah! Do I think you can make it, even if bags aren’t you’re thing? Definitely! Am I looking forward to next month’s bag? I seriously can’t wait!

Linky Thursday

There’s a great roundup of back to school projects up at WeAllSew (including my zipper binder pouch). While you’re there be sure to enter their giveaway with lots of great Bernina Swag.

This shift dress is easy to sew and looks great dressed up or down.

Crop tops are very popular this summer. Sew up your own version with this free pattern.

You can tell fall is right around the corner because Halloween tutorials have started popping up – like this witch cape and hat.

This phone wallet organizer is a great way to carry everything you need and store your phone – it’s especially nice when you don’t have pockets.

Keep the sun out of your eyes and still look stylish with this bucket hat tutorial.

Hip packs (formerly known as fanny packs) are still going strong. Make your own version with this free tutorial.

Our back to school list always included ear buds. I love this pouch by Dog Under My Desk to keep them from getting tangled.

Enter to win a 17 piece fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

This sewing caddy has a ton of pockets, making it the perfect way to tidy up your sewing area (or desk).

Plugging Away

One of the worst parts about sewing bags is the amount of cutting (and prepping of pattern pieces) that’s involved. While the pile on the left doesn’t look too bad, I found myself spending the better part of an afternoon getting it all ready so that I could start my Bag of the Month Club purse. Then, after questioning if I needed more interfacing on the flap (it’s a canvas print, so not lightweight, not heavy either), I watched a helpful tutorial on this bag that covered stabilizers (there’s a handy QR code on the instructions for a video tutorial on each section – it’s a brilliant idea!), I decided to cut more – even for the vinyl sections (I also decided to cut out a fabric handle for the bag as well, since I couldn’t make up my mind which looked better).

With all of the cutting, fusing, etc. finally complete, I started sewing my bag yesterday. I stopped at the point where I make the hanging bag (photo on the right). I’m just in love with the zombie hand zipper pull – it’s such a fun detail that ties in with the fabric so well.

Now that I’m at this point, I realized that I’m going to need some tinier tools (than what I already have on hand) so that I can attach the screws in the hardware (metal plate for the flap, strap ends, etc) – apparently the set we thought we had didn’t make it with the move or is just misplaced somewhere around the house. I’m setting this aside until those come in because the screwdriver I have works, but is mostly frustrating to use because it’s still not quite the right size – and I have a lot of screws to work with!

Hello Laney-Jane!

I was so excited for August’s Bag of the Month Club project that I may have woken up in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday to see if it was live… and I was not disappointed (one of their sample bags is show on the right). This purse is gorgeous!

I spent the rest of the morning printing, assembling/cutting pattern pieces, and sifting through my fabric stash to see what I might want to use to make my version (I was very tempted to use the spicy mustard Mora faux leather I had just picked up to recreate the look on the right, but resisted because I would really like to try using it with Lavender & Twine’s Moonwake) . It literally took me most of the day to nail down my fabric, but I’m pretty happy with my choices:

For the bag base, I decided to use a calf red faux leather from I’ve had this material sitting in my stash for a very long time (originally, I had purchased it to make this handbag from Sew4Home) – not only is it time to put it to good use, but it coordinates with the monster movie poster canvas woven that I’m using for the flap (and part of the interior zippered bag). To round it out, I decided on some solid black cotton for the lining and silver hardware.

Next up: The dreaded cutting (I feel like bags have a tremendous amount of cutting, which is my least favorite part about sewing).