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Hand Towels for Adults

The Nosy Pepper recently had a big sale, so I used that opportunity to stock up on some designs. Which included these fun, slightly adult sayings that were perfect for hand towels:

While I love these collectively, (in hindsight) I wish that I had used a slightly less fluffy towel so that the wording on the left stood out more. Even though I used a “topper” so that the stitches didn’t sink into the fibers, I found that the lettering is just too small to as noticeable in all that shag. My favorite of the bunch is the middle – I (once again) used glow in the dark thread so that the poison and skull glow in the dark… I thought it might be a fun little surprise for someone if they wander into the bathroom late at night. LOL

Penelope Lounge

It’s been awhile since I made the Penelope Pant (you can see my first version, the Star Spangled Jogger, here), but I vowed that the next time I did, it would be a lounger pant. Well, I finally did it!

For this version, I used a fun, coffee (& donuts) French Terry from So Sew English and a cotton jersey for the waistband (that way I had plenty of stretch and recovery in this area). Since this is my second time sewing up this pattern, I knew going in that I needed shorten the pants length 3″. I also felt like the waistband on my joggers was too high for my liking so while I was at it, I took 2″ off the width of the waistband. This version? Perfection. Plus there’s pockets, which makes them even better in my book.

I had hoped to make a matching top for this, but ran out of material for my original plan. I’ll have to find a cute coffee SVG that I can use to make an iron on and use some of the remnants for the sleeves of a raglan.

You can grab this pattern on sale today for 50% off ($5) for the next 24 hours!

Linky Thursday

The Sweetbay Dress has all sorts of interesting details – just check out those sleeves!

Skip the paper bags and take your lunch to school or work with this easy lunch bag tutorial.

Starbucks released their pumpkin spice lattes this week, so that means we can start fall decorating, right? Get a jump start on holiday sewing with these fabric pumpkins.

This Feed Sack tote is the perfect way to tote your goodies home from a farmer’s market.

I love the shape of this pencil case, but could definitely be used as a little storage pouch too.

This circle drawstring bag isn’t fun to sew and makes cleanup\storage a cinch!

I adore this t-shirt dress – it looks flattering on and easy to sew!

Everyone seems to have a loyalty card these day. Keep them all handy with this card wallet.

Enter to win this great fabric bundle with enough material to make the Full Moon Quilt top.

This shirred waist drawstring pants looks like the perfect way to stay cool this summer and look fantastic doing it.

Mystery Vinyl

Quite some time ago, I ordered a Mystery Vinyl pack from Zor-Elle. In what should have been (roughly) 12 week turn around, wound up being something closer to 20 because of Covid…. but it finally arrived and I was not disappointed! Not only were there 7 awesome vinyl prints, but they threw in some fun extras because the wait was so long. I’m not sure what I want to work with first, but I think I’m going to finally try the Ymir very soon!

In other fun supplies, I had some fabulous sewing string show up (and then had regret that I didn’t purchase more). When I placed this order, I decided to try some “interesting” threads: glow in the dark, solar (the thread changes from white to pink in UV light), and temperature change (the thread changes from blue to pink in heat). I don’t have any specific plan for these, but I couldn’t resist giving them a try to see what they’re like. It should give an interesting touch to some future projects!

The Horrors

The Nosy Pepper recently had a big machine embroidery sale and I took it upon myself to load up on some designs. Seeing that Halloween is only 68 days away, I decided that it was time to start crafting and picked up this fun, Horrors in this House design and turned it into a fun wall hanging (that glows in the dark):

Overall this was a fun little project to whip up (after I took the photo, I did add a bit of ribbon to the top to hide the metal screw) and it stitched out well. Now I need to find more projects to use glow-in-the-dark thread with because the results are always amazing.

Piper ID

Last week we got out of the house and saw LIVE MUSIC! I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Since I knew that we would be there for several hours (it was 4 bands – the concert started at 5:30 and would go until 11ish), I decided I needed to bring a charger for my phone, etc. Unfortunately, (women’s) pockets are so small (and the venue had a VERY TINY bag size limit), I decided I should make something to carry all my “essentials” – Lind’s Handmade Piper ID Holder.

For this version, I decided to crack out some of my favorite prints and notions: a Tim Burton inspired Superhero fabric (exterior and lanyard), a Wonder Woman pull, and matching zipper tape (all from Zor-Elle’s Fabric) and Tula Pink’s Nightshade Raven Lace for the interior. And I think that the end result is super cute and it gave me an excuse to use some of the fun fabric that I’ve been stashing.

As for the pattern, it came together much faster than what I expected. I decided to put this together last minute (hours before we had to leave) and I was able to complete it before we left. I thought that the instructions were well written and there are plenty of pictures to help you along the way, too. This was my first experience with this pattern company and it did not disappoint – in fact, I saw several other patterns I may give a try very soon!

My only complaint about this pattern is the size. Even though I knew the dimensions going in (3.5 x 5″), after I was finished, I wished it was larger so that it could fit my phone. I may eventually try something like the Slim Sling which would be a good alternative if I need something to carry my phone when I don’t have pockets.


Rompers have been one of my favorite things to sew and wear this season. So, it should come as no surprise that when Jalie was looking for testers for their new Bonnie pattern, I jumped at the chance!

This romper features narrow straps, princess seams, encased elastic and best of all…. POCKETS (in the shorts)!

I thought the overall fit of this project was very flattering – even though there is a “blouse” effect over the elastic, it’s small enough that it doesn’t make you look or feel frumpy. Like all Jalie patterns, this one runs true to size so I didn’t find myself needing to make any alterations – so it was perfect right off the bat!

As for fabric, I used a lightweight cotton\rayon floral print (that I believe I got from So Sew English quite awhile ago, but it’s been sitting in my stash long enough that I can’t be certain). I thought that this was a great weight for this pattern – it had plenty of stretch, but it’s was light enough that it had great drape… and it’s perfect for these really HOT temperatures that we’ve been having.

Linky Thursday

It may be back to school season, but it’s apparently time to sew cute stuff for your dog, too because I’ve been seeing a lot of new tutorials just for man’s best friend. Like this easy dog bandana, DIY pet collar (works for cats too!), and this great dog harness (this is part 2, you can follow the link in the tutorial for the first segment).

If you’re ironing board is looking worn, it’s time to make yourself a new one. This tutorial doesn’t just teach you how, it has a pattern too!

I remember when I first took up sewing, puff quilts were very popular…. look what’s back again!

This little bee plushy is a cute way to end summer sewing.

If you’ve always wanted to sew a corset, this tutorial can teach you how. Want to add cups to it? Be sure to check out this post too!

Get ready for holiday hosting with this free apron pattern (with instructions on how to make a kids size too!)

Just in time for back to school: a free ruffle skirt for girls.

This Walkabout Backpack is chock full of pockets and has a wraparound zipper so it will open nice and wide!

Enter to win 3 sewing (or crochet) patterns from DIY Fluffies.

Learn how to stitch up a cosmetic bag with a fold over brush roll.

If you’re looking for a great beginner pattern (or just a quick way to spruce up your dining area), these placemats are the perfect starting place.

Barbie V2

I’ve been mulling around this version of Gertie’s Barbie Top for quite awhile, but it took a date night for me to finally make it happen!

After making my original Barbie, I decided that a sleeveless version needed to happen. After sifting through my stash, I pulled out this fun cotton knit, tattoo flash from SoSewEnglish and thought it would make a great retro (feeling) tee. But, several other projects took priority and it sat for a very long time. This past weekend we had planned on a date night and I decided (last minute) that I needed something new to wear (and sleeveless seemed perfect because it’s soooo hot out)… so I finally decided to make this project happen.

First off, I completely forgot how fast this shirt comes together. When I say that I decided to make this top last minute, I wasn’t kidding – it was about 2 hours before we were ready to head out that I started it. Not only was I able to sew this up in under an hour, but I had plenty of time to put on makeup and fix my hair too. It was a great date night sew!

Since I used a stretchier cotton on this I did find the fit slightly different with this tee than my original. Overall, it is a bit looser, but more comfortable to wear. I also think that the arm bands could be a bit tighter – so if I do this version again, I may play with it and see how it turns out, or may bring in the shoulders some instead as Gertie’s version appears to sit on the tops of her shoulders and mine hang slightly over.

Rainbow Zipper Pouches

If you make a gift for a person, but they don’t know its coming, you can totally keep it if you like it, right? Just kidding, but I did totally love the way these rainbow zipper pouches turned out.

A friend’s birthday is coming up and I decided that I would make her a cute little pouch and stuff it with all sorts of bath goodies. I decided on the Crystal Clear Zipper Pouch and a rainbow vinyl from MyPunkBroidery. This vinyl seemed perfect for this project as I found it very stiff to use and a definite struggle to turn right side out in other bag styles. Unfortunately I also discovered that when trimming multiple layers, it tends to make an uneven white edge. My other complaint is that “fun zippers don’t show well on this bag… so I decided to make a second version with a few modifications.

First off, I skipped any trimming and just worked on extreme preciseness when constructing the top and bottom edges. Secondly, I opted to lay the zipper tape on top of the vinyl and sew, tucking the raw edges of the zipper to the underside of the bag. This way I can use the fun zipper tape (in this case, rainbow) and you can still see all it’s details.