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Last, but not least

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but sometimes, home decor sewing is not my favorite. Several months ago I finally made curtains for my living room (which I LOVE), but I had left the adjoining kitchen window blank. Well, I finally did something about it

This really isn’t love. The window is very wide and I really wanted a more “gathered” look for this, but I would have had to piece together the sheer material to accomplish it, so I forged ahead with what I had.

This really isn’t love. The window is very wide and I really wanted a more “gathered” look for this, but I would have had to piece together the sheer material to accomplish it, so I forged ahead with what I had. With that said, everything is done downstairs. Everything matches\coordinates (because I’m kind of anal about that) and when you look at it as a whole, it looks great.

While I was in the “unpleasant things” mindset, I also managed to clean up my sewing room (mostly in an effort to unearth my missing Wonder Clips, which I never did find) – so I am completely ready for the Bag of the Month Club release this weekend!

Linky Thursday

Get ready for back to school with a few handmade projects like this locker organizer, pencil roll, zipper binder pencil pouch, chubby lunch tote, or kids size messenger bag.

It may be hot out, but it’ll soon be turning cool and these Ren jeans look like they could be a great addition to your fall wardrobe.

These retro gym shorts are sure to be comfortable this summer (and look cute too!).

If you’re looking for a new summer handbag, be sure to check out this Baguette tutorial.

All this stuffy needs is a pair of horns and you’ve got yourself an alligator Loki doll.

This easy summer tunic looks like the perfect date night top.

Allergies have the best of you? Whip up one of these travel tissue packs to carry your Kleenex in style.

Get a jump start on holiday sewing with these adorable Matryoshka felt doll ornaments.

Enter to win a 17 piece fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

Plant Lady

Everyone loves little surprises in the mail, so I put a little package together for my daughter that included this fun set (left).

Taylor definitely has a much greener thumb than what I do so when I saw this cute, Plant Lady screen print (from Krafty Korner Supplies), I immediately grabbed it up. I also decided to try out these Celebrity Plant Markers from Nosy Pepper (because we all know I love themed gifts!).

The plant markers stitched up perfectly and are such an easy little project to make. I’m hoping more people I know take up gardening so I can whip up a few more of these.

Crystal Clear Zipper Bags

It’s no joke that I’ve been on a hardware buying binge. Unfortunately, I have no real place to store my new goodies, so it was really just piling up on my table (overflowing a box). That is until I saw Katie’s post on Instagram about these cute zippered pouches from Sewn Ideas – and I knew I had to try it. It did not disappoint.

Originally, I set out to make one small and one large – only to discover that the small is really too small for my needs (it does fit all my rainbow hardware that I’ve been accumulating, though). I also made a few modifications to the pattern along the way so I thought I would point out what I did, just incase you decide to try this for yourself.

First off, “fabric”. While I have plenty of vinyl on hand, I did not have the right gauge for the clear vinyl (I had 12, not 20 on hand and my local store did not have it in stock when I looked), but went with it anyway. It worked, but I wonder about the integrity of this part over time, especially since I’ve stuffed it quite generously. If I was giving these as gifts, I would definitely go with the higher gauge, not just for stability, but because it feels more substantial too. My vinyls are both very different from each other as well, the shiny “reptile” prints are much thinner and more pliable while the printed “What We Do in the Shadows” design is very beefy. It didn’t effect how they sewed in the machine (they both stitch like butter!), but I did modify how I worked with them (more on that later).

I also discovered I really needed double sided (sewing) tape for the zipper. I couldn’t find mine (it’s apparently lost with my Wonder Clips that have gone AWOL), so I improvised. First I used spray baste… I don’t really recommend this. While it worked to keep the zipper in place, it made the backside too tacky and harder to run through the machine. The next time around I used painters tape. It helped, but still not the same. The moral of the story? Just get the double sided tape for this section, but in a pinch, try painters tape.

Now about how I modified that pattern: The instructions call for you to fold under the exterior edges of the vinyl when sewing the front and back together. I’m assuming this is done so that you get “clean” edges, but I just found this cumbersome… and thick (especially when it came to the printed vinyl which is much heavier)… and not very fun. So, I skipped it. Vinyl it doesn’t fray and since I cut my edges with a rotary cutter, they are already very smooth. If you were very concerned about keeping your edges straight, you could always use a slightly larger seam allowance and then even it out with a rotary cutter.

Overall, I loved this pattern. It was fun and easy and looks great in the end…. Plus it gave me the excuse to use some pretty zippers and pulls and fun sewing string. I might even make these as gifts this Christmas!

Linky Thursday

I recently saw that Kat VonD is coming out with a coffin shaped wallet – so why not whip up a coffin purse to go with it? (There is also a coffin wallet available for pay on the site if you’re interested in making your own)

Tula Pink is one of my all time favorite designers and her latest collection is particularly fabulous. Show off some of her Wonderland prints with this double skirt apron tutorial.

Get ready for back to school (or work) with this cute Chubby Lunch Tote (made in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2). Then whip up a few reusable sandwich bags, too!

This flounce wraps skirt tutorial is beautiful. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down no matter the season.

Tired of not finding things in your purse? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this purse organizer.

Learn how to stitch up a patchwork garment and grab a free dress to try out this technique on.

This haunted house tablecloth playhouse is FABULOUS.

Learn how to sew a simple summer skirt with pockets (because more women’s clothes should have pockets)!

One More Pair

After seeing my Lisa Frank inspired boxers the other day, my oldest expressed her love for the pair. Fortunately, I had “just” enough to squeeze out one more. Since this pattern this takes under an hour to cut and sew, so I was able to whip it up and pop it off into the mail the same day.

I also discovered that it’s totally possible to make 2 pairs of shorts from 1 yard of this French terry, depending on the sizes you make and how carefully you cut. It’s very close, but totally manageable. I also have deep regret not getting this print in a cotton woven because the colors are so vibrant and the print it so fun. It also matches my Unicorn Mane sewing string perfectly:


One thing you may notice about me is that I tend to make things in batches… I get on a kick of making a particular items and I may make it a lot until I burn myself out of them. Apparently, I’m into notebooks this week. (Oh, and sparkly, snake skin vinyl, because I used it several times to make these)

I started off by making a couple of mini notebooks as gifts and they spiraled into everyone getting one. The designs shown are all from Nosy Pepper (which was a new-to-me embroidery design company): People I Hate, Wonder Woman Applique (I used a very sparkly gold for the emblem, which looks great in person, but was almost too thick to properly satin stitch), Things I can’t say to my students, and Hulk Smash (I don’t even like the Hulk, but I loved the simplicity of this notebook so much I had to try it).

I also had the opportunity to try out the Fairly Floss embroidery thread with these and I have to say, it looks fabulous with the shiny snake skin vinyl. I now understand everyone’s love for this thread.

10 Minute Boxers

This weekend I channeled my inner Lisa Frank to create my latest loungewear set… and it’s every bit as awesome as what I envisioned. For this set I used a (premade) screen print from Little Lovies, a purchased shirt, a matching OG Lisa French Terry print (also from Little Lovies), and George & Ginger’s 10 Minute Boxer pattern (it’s free!).

First off, to answer your question, it took me longer than 10 minutes to sew this pattern up. It was VERY quick (maybe 30 minutes sewing time), but definitely longer than 10 minutes. Some of my expanded time could have been that I finished the edges of this pattern with my serger to make it look neater on the inside, but honestly that couldn’t have taken that long.

Since this is the first time sewing up this pattern, I should probably give a mini-review. I can’t really speak to how the instructions are since I didn’t use any. This was a pretty straightforward design (one piece) so if you’ve made simple shorts before, you probably won’t need them. I should probably mention that there are no written directions for this pattern, only a YouTube video.

As for the fit, I should have stuck to my size instead of going up one. When I measured myself, I was on the high end of a size, so I was concerned that the finished shorts would come out too fitted (and I didn’t want snug sleeping shorts). In the end, these are plenty loose, so the next pair I make will be my size.


For whatever reason, I’ve been on a hardware kick. Zippers, pulls, rivets,… you name it, I’ve probably picked it up recently. But now that I’ve accumulated all this hardware, I’ve got the urge to make bags and wallets. So, it probably only seems logical that I joined The Bag of the Month Club. It’s been ages since I’ve given it a try, but sewing up some bags over the next few months sounds like my idea of fun. In the mean time, I may finally try out the Bonnie Bucket Bag or the Sunshine Crossbody to tide me over. But first…. It’s time to make some comfy clothes.

I decided to put some of my new fabric purchases to good use and finally make myself a pair of Lisa Frank-esque pjs. I had pre-ordered this print awhile ago (along with a matching screen print for a tee) and decided to give the 10 minute boxer pattern a try (bonus, it’s free). I’ll have a full review on Monday and let you know if it really takes 10 minutes.

Linky Thursday

I love this quilted travel duffle. What makes it even better is the slip pocket that fits over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

This t-shirt dress is a great summer wardrobe staple – it’s easy to dress up or down and feels great to wear, too.

Love the look of a button placket, but don’t really want to deal with sewing button holes? Learn how to make a faux version for your next garment.

Everyone loves donuts – especially when they are calorie free!

Learn how to sew and applique a tote bag.

I thought that this Chibi Dragon & Unicorn plush tutorials were a pretty awesome find… and then I discovered it’s a backpack too, so now I love it even more. Too cute!

I saw a post yesterday made by a local humane society (where we got our dog) that said they were at full capacity…. 400 animals! This cage comforter made me think of them – it’s the perfect quick sew if you’re looking for a place to donate sewn items to.

This trapeze dress isn’t just easy to sew, it looks great on too.

If you’re tired of throwing away makeup pads, then you’ll want to check out this tutorial on how to sew up reusable ones.

These cotton zipper storage bags are great for stashing essentials or use them while you travel to keep yourself organized.

Enter to win a Hatch Embroidery Composer and a Silver Pass for Hatch Academy.