Linky Thursday

Everyone should have a great fitting tank in their wardrobe. Here’s a free one to get you started.

The Faviola is a beautiful summer dress that sews up in 30 minutes (preptime not included).

For whatever reason, I’ve always loved organizers that fit around objects. Here’s a couple of free tutorials: one for a bucket organizer and, if you’re needing a smaller size, one for a cup.

If you haven’t played with reversible sequin fabric, then you’re definitely missing out. Here’s a pillow project that not only uses this interesting fabric, but pairs it up with fur.

I’ve never considered sewing a kite until I saw this post.

Tired of having plastic bags spew out of your cabinet (guilty)? Then sew up one of these handy holders that help dispense your bags!

This sundress is perfect for twirling and would look so fun this holiday if made in patriotic colors.

I am normally not a Boho style type gal, but recently these designs have been calling me… and now I think I need a fun fringe purse.

Looking for a dress with interesting details? Be sure to check out the Clementine.

Father’s Day may be over, but anyone would enjoy a new BBQ apron anytime!