Solar Sundress & More

I always forget that summer time means slower sewing – which is always a shame when you’re feeling creative. I’ve opted to put aside working on the tiered dress (because it just isn’t a fun as what it was when I first started it) and pick up a new project – the Solar Sundress. I thought this looked like an interesting garment to try out – and seeing that it’s still romper season, this seems to fit in nicely!

I currently have the pattern taped together and have decided to just go for the whole attached shorts\bra garment – I figure if I’m not fond of the way it feels, then if I make it again, I can go with separates. I’m also leaning toward using an athletic knit with this one as well. I’ve not tried using that sort of material for a dress, but I figure it works with the style and I’ve been seeing activewear fabrics in casual clothing more, so why not go for it?

When I picked up this pattern, I also bought some of George & Ginger’s floral fabric rapports and they just arrived!

These are very large fabric panels with two coordinating prints (a smaller floral and a stripe) that are on a cotton lycra base… and they are extremely difficult to photograph! I opted for the orange, pink, and white floral prints. As far as projects go, I’m leaning toward casual tees with stripe shorts and possibly a dress for the white floral, but we’ll see in the end what they become. I can’t wait to try these out, they look so fun to work with!