Have you ever had a strong desire to make something, but not sure what? Since I’m avoiding gathering tiers to my dress, I decided I wanted to tackle something else. I had thought about trying this in-the-hoop zip top wallet, but after careful consideration, decided against it because I couldn’t really use any of my fun zippers or pulls with this one (and since I have a lot, I really need to find projects for them!). So instead, I decided to make my own!

I used a fun, faux-Coach vinyl that arrived last month, a rainbow zipper & pull, Tula Pink lining, and rainbow hardware (I am currently waiting on a rainbow lobster claw so I can attach a strap). I didn’t use a pattern for this one, which is always very liberating, but I would do some things differently if I tried this again. Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the end results… and now I need more rainbow hardware – it looks amazing with the right fabric.