Tierd Dress – Day 1

After my embroidery binge, I’m back at the patterns I’m wanting to tackle. I decided that I would try Pattern Emporium’s Easy Fit Tiered Dress first since it seems like it might be the most comfortable to wear in our recent hot weather. I put together the pattern and pulled the sage viscose crepe slub knit to use with it (it is just enough material that it will work)… and now I’m “stuck” here:

Let’s just say that while the fabric looks and feels great, I haven’t enjoyed working with it. My machine doesn’t care for it very much so I’m finding the whole process slightly frustrating. I stopped at adding the tiers because not only do I not like making gathers, but I’m envisioning how I’m going to fight with material when I add them. So, I set it aside and will try again in a few days – sometimes things just seem to work out when you take a break.