New Acquisitions

I needed new fabric like I need a hole in the head, but…. there was a sale and these bundles called to me:

It started out with the coffee bundle – not only is it a fun themed print, but french terry too. I can totally see these as a new favorite pajama soon. The stripe? Well, that seems perfect for a Barbie Top this fall.

Then I spotted this fabulous floral rayon spandex print paired with a pretty green…. and that’s what sold me. You see, I have a wedding coming up and splurged on these shoes. Now that I have them, I’m going to need to find more excuses to wear them this summer, so this print works well with the color (I’m thinking Jalie’s Rachel).

While green (especially a solid), isn’t something that I normally sew, I was inspired by this dress (seen while I purchased my shoes) and have decided that I need to search for a similar pattern… this dress needs to happen!

And now, I need to find the time to sew all these ideas that I have in my head…