Cutie Booty Tina

With all the side projects I’ve been working on, I found my self in need of an instant gratification project, so I decided to whip up a pair of Cutie Booty Boxer Briefs… but apparently I couldn’t stop at making just one.

My initial idea was to make a pair of mid inseam shorts to wear at night (like a sleep short). With the temperatures getting warmer, I’m starting to wear more shorts to bed – and some are loose enough that my inner thighs feel like they’re sticking together. However, after I started cutting into my fabric I couldn’t resist making a short version too.

You can read up on my thoughts about this pattern in this post, but I will say that there isn’t a huge difference in fit\length between these two. The legs of the mid inseam come straight across (instead of curved with the short) so I’m not sure that it completely solves my thigh sticking issue (I’m sure that the longer version would fix it, but I’m not really interested in making those). I’m also thinking that the mid-rise (both of these shown are low) might also feel more comfortable for sleeping, too…. something to test out for later versions!

For anyone interested in the fabric, I purchased it from Silver Fox Fabrics…. 3 years ago. I had originally intended to use this print for leggings, but the pattern I wanted to use really didn’t work with this print (there is a larger border at the bottom that just got lost at the hem) so I stashed it until the right project came along. I’m not sorry I used this at all today!