Sewing String

If you ever wanted to know what 8 ounces of sewing string looked like, this is it.

I’ve been working on several behind the scenes projects (some completed, some in development) so I can’t show you everything I’ve been working on, but I can show you some of the cool purchases I’ve made recently. One of which is this sewing string. I recently stumbled across some fabulous variegated topstitching which lead me to Wizardry Stitchery. Unfortunately, I had missed out on their Tex 35 weight thread (designed for domestic machines), but decided to go ahead and try Tex 45 (for semi-industrial and some domestic) to see how my machines would handle it… and I was sorry that I didn’t buy more! While this particular thread is much thicker than what I normally use, it did sew easily with my Berninas (I did not use this for bobbin thread, though. I haven’t tested that out yet, but I am guessing it’s way too thick for that).

I liked this so much that I went ahead and got this thread in a different colorway (Fairy Floss) and picked up some fun zipper pulls and hardware (because zipper pulls are my new obsession). Unless I go on some bag making or interesting topstitching binge, I’m guessing both of these spools will last awhile – although when the smaller weight thread becomes available, I’ve already decided that I’ll pick some up so that I can do matching thread in the bobbin, too!