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Coffee Redeemed

I feel redeemed. After the epic embroidery fail the other day, I decided to try the Coffee or Die coasters again, but in a nice, solid embroidery…. and I had much better results! I backed these with cork (also used in my Whimsical Heart Coaster tutorial – no embroidery needed for this one) and really like the end result. Now I just need to remember that sometimes simplicity is the key to a great looking project.

Once I was done, I decided to stich up a fun Coffee Because Murder is Wrong kitchen towel, to make this a themed set. I even used all the same colors so that they tied in together. I’m planning on adding a few bags of Bones Coffee to these so that I make a complete gift set… now to find a matching mug!

Linky Thursday

One of the hottest summer staples is the romper. This one is so adorable and easy to sew!

String backpacks are one of our staples around here. Between using them for sports and school, we have several laying around the house. Learn how you can make your own here and skip having to buy them at the store.

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle by Valorie Wells.

Head out to the lake, beach, or pool this weekend and a new (one piece) swim suit. Rather sew a bikini? Check out this free top pattern (bottoms aren’t included in this tutorial, but your favorite panty pattern can easily be converted to swim!

Have you been getting those Oodie ads on your social media accounts? Skip the checkout and make your own – this one even has optional “ears” for animal designs.

Looking for quick makes that are instant gratification projects or just items to get kids interested in sewing this summer? This fabric tray fits the bill and lends itself to lots of fabric possibilities!

I’ve never thought about sewing a fitted table cloth before, but it’s a great idea for keeping little ones from pulling on it during dinner or fighting with the wind!

These cute oblong zip bags would make excellent gifts (stashed with gift cards, polish, etc.) or just to use to organize you make up.

Looking for a way to celebrate this year’s Pride month? Here’s an easy mini quilt that you can stitch up!

Not My Best Idea

Sometimes I have great ideas. Other times I have epic fails. This is the latter. I like to show off my epic fails because:

  • You don’t make the same mistake as what I did – I’ll spare you the heartache by sharing my misery. LOL
  • Everyone has projects that don’t pan out – sometimes it the project (pattern, embroidery design), sometimes it’s the material (wrong fabric, not enough stretch, terrible fabric, etc.), sometimes it’s the execution, or a combination of any of these (and more), but even the most seasoned seamstress makes mistakes.
  • I figure we could all use a good laugh now and then. Sometimes they are a doozy!

So a bit of backstory on this project. I had picked up this fun, Coffee or Die coaster design during a recent sale at Off With Their Threads. I also ordered these fabulous vinyls and they showed up about the same time…. so “I thought, why not use these for the coasters, it’ll be fun and interesting!” Apparently, they are a bit too interesting because the design is completely lost in the vinyl. Even using a gray thread on the white didn’t help. I need to remember to go back to the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid!

I also tried out Schmetz’s Super Universal needles for the first time with this project. According to the package they are designed to be used with vinyl – it broke before it even got to the intricate part of the design. I’m not sure if there was some sort of other problem going on or it was actually needle related, but so far, I’m not impressed. I’ll have to try them again with my standard machine and see if I get better results.

Christmas in May?

It may be hot outside, but I’m attempting to channel my Christmas spirit while I make these amazing dimensional poinsettia flowers.

I’ve been making a lot of these for the past several day (I may have made too many, but I’d rather have plenty to work with for this holiday project than have to keep going back and making more as I know that’s going to disrupt whatever creative flow I have going on at the moment) which not only requires a lot of machine embroidery time, but some hand sewing as well. I still need to find buttons for the center of these, but I think they’re coming along nicely.

While I make (many) more of these to play with, I’m also hoping to squeeze in a pattern test (I think you’ll love this one), work on a few more side projects, and hopefully either start another Elliot romper or another off-the-shoulder romper before it gets too warm to wear them. I’ve also been itching to make a bag (mostly I want to use my new hardware) so I’m attempting to finish up some pressing deadlines so I can get that started too.

So many project ideas, so little time! What are you all stitching up this week?

New Acquisitions

I needed new fabric like I need a hole in the head, but…. there was a sale and these bundles called to me:

It started out with the coffee bundle – not only is it a fun themed print, but french terry too. I can totally see these as a new favorite pajama soon. The stripe? Well, that seems perfect for a Barbie Top this fall.

Then I spotted this fabulous floral rayon spandex print paired with a pretty green…. and that’s what sold me. You see, I have a wedding coming up and splurged on these shoes. Now that I have them, I’m going to need to find more excuses to wear them this summer, so this print works well with the color (I’m thinking Jalie’s Rachel).

While green (especially a solid), isn’t something that I normally sew, I was inspired by this dress (seen while I purchased my shoes) and have decided that I need to search for a similar pattern… this dress needs to happen!

And now, I need to find the time to sew all these ideas that I have in my head…

Linky Thursday

Have a vaccination card and want to be sure it’s protected while you carry it? This card holder is an excellent solution.

Whether you’re working out or just trying to stay cool this summer, these athletic shorts are perfect for summer.

Ruffled, tiered, and gathered skirts are a hot wardrobe staple this spring. Skip the store and learn how to make your own with this easy tutorial.

This mini coin purse is perfect for stashing all that loose change (or that Aldi quarter) and I love that it has a key ring so you can take it with you!

Llamas are the new foxes. Learn how to make a fun stuffed version with this tutorial.

This overblouse is perfect for layering, but still light enough to keep cool when it’s hot out.

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to start tending those gardens. Whip up one of these task aprons (great for men too) to keep all you tools and equipment handy.

For girls whole love to twirl: this easy babydoll dress with a circle skirt.

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle from Valorie Well’s Enchanted fabrics.

Feeling nautical? Why not whip up one of these fun whale plush?

Tidy up the sewing room and leave your table free of clutter with this cute hanging fabric basket. These are also perfect for holding laundry pins if you love to hang your wash outside to dry!

Cutie Booty Tina

With all the side projects I’ve been working on, I found my self in need of an instant gratification project, so I decided to whip up a pair of Cutie Booty Boxer Briefs… but apparently I couldn’t stop at making just one.

My initial idea was to make a pair of mid inseam shorts to wear at night (like a sleep short). With the temperatures getting warmer, I’m starting to wear more shorts to bed – and some are loose enough that my inner thighs feel like they’re sticking together. However, after I started cutting into my fabric I couldn’t resist making a short version too.

You can read up on my thoughts about this pattern in this post, but I will say that there isn’t a huge difference in fit\length between these two. The legs of the mid inseam come straight across (instead of curved with the short) so I’m not sure that it completely solves my thigh sticking issue (I’m sure that the longer version would fix it, but I’m not really interested in making those). I’m also thinking that the mid-rise (both of these shown are low) might also feel more comfortable for sleeping, too…. something to test out for later versions!

For anyone interested in the fabric, I purchased it from Silver Fox Fabrics…. 3 years ago. I had originally intended to use this print for leggings, but the pattern I wanted to use really didn’t work with this print (there is a larger border at the bottom that just got lost at the hem) so I stashed it until the right project came along. I’m not sorry I used this at all today!

Just One More

I know that I said that I was going to hold off on getting a Fabric for Pirates bundle, but on a whim, I did it again….

This time around, I got a beautiful rayon viscose crepe slub knit in sage. It’s really beautiful and it seems like a nice, lightweight fabric for summer. I don’t have any particular plans for this fabric at the moment, but they did have some great dresses that were made for inspiration.

Also in this package was a custom iron-on transfer. This seems perfect for me since I am on an iron on kick lately. I think I’d like to put it on something other than a tee, since I seem to do that a lot, but I guess we’ll see what inspires me.

As for the discounted pattern, I’m not sure what I’ll pick up this round. I still have almost two weeks to decide, so I’ll have to see what I’m lacking in the pattern department or what I could do to fill up my closet again!

Sewing String

If you ever wanted to know what 8 ounces of sewing string looked like, this is it.

I’ve been working on several behind the scenes projects (some completed, some in development) so I can’t show you everything I’ve been working on, but I can show you some of the cool purchases I’ve made recently. One of which is this sewing string. I recently stumbled across some fabulous variegated topstitching which lead me to Wizardry Stitchery. Unfortunately, I had missed out on their Tex 35 weight thread (designed for domestic machines), but decided to go ahead and try Tex 45 (for semi-industrial and some domestic) to see how my machines would handle it… and I was sorry that I didn’t buy more! While this particular thread is much thicker than what I normally use, it did sew easily with my Berninas (I did not use this for bobbin thread, though. I haven’t tested that out yet, but I am guessing it’s way too thick for that).

I liked this so much that I went ahead and got this thread in a different colorway (Fairy Floss) and picked up some fun zipper pulls and hardware (because zipper pulls are my new obsession). Unless I go on some bag making or interesting topstitching binge, I’m guessing both of these spools will last awhile – although when the smaller weight thread becomes available, I’ve already decided that I’ll pick some up so that I can do matching thread in the bobbin, too!

Rosy Yoke Blouse

The Penrose Peasant Blouse is the perfect summer wardrobe staple – it’s easy to wear, looks great on and lends itself to lots of embellishment possibilities. Now you can make your own version with my latest article for Creative Machine Embroidery, the Rosy Yoke Blouse.

For this version I used a simple white gauze – and let me tell you the end result is dreamy (I really don’t know why I don’t sew more with this fabric), but do keep in mind that if you opt for white, it may be a bit sheer. So, plan to wear a tank or line your finished blouse.

Be sure to pick up your copy of CME Sumer 2021, on newstands now and grab your free Double Rose Embroidery design available until July 31, 2021 (follow the link in this article to download yours).