Zip It

I’m on a zipper kick. I’ve added a few custom zippers and pulls to projects recently and now I feel like everything needs something special. So, lately, I’ve been buying interesting interesting zipper tape and pulls... here is my latest haul:

So for this round of goodies I picked up a couple of mystery packages – one for zipper tape (which is the black, white, & silver bundle – these were all fabulous, especially that silver) and one for zipper pulls (they included fun stuff like Deadpool, a plague doctor, a butterfly\moth, etc.) along with additional tapes (just check out that green and blood splatter!) and a few more pulls. While I picked up a few fun ones, I also made sure that I had some “regular” stuff as well so that when I make jackets, etc. that I have items that looks more ready to wear. As a side note, the regular pulls are very nice – very substantial and a great size.

Now that these have arrived, I feel the need to make a few bags. I recently discovered Bagstock patterns and have been seriously considering making their free Sunshine Crossbody. My biggest problem? Narrowing down what fabric I might use.