Sometimes, projects just don’t work out. Sometimes it’s just the pattern, sometimes it’s the fabric, and other times is just my fault. This is a post about the latter.

You see, I was very excited to pick up a honeycomb athletic knit from So Sew English fabrics so that I could try out this cool textured fabric in a legging… apparently so much so that I neglected to check the direction of stretch. While this particular material had 4-way stretch, the greatest amount didn’t run against the selvage, but with it. So, when I cut out the pattern pieces, I followed the grainline prompts (never thinking to double check). Once I started sewing, I realized my mistake, but continued sewing (sans waistband) just to see how they would fit. As expected, they were pretty tight. I might have gotten away with wearing them a few times before popping seams, but I’m sure that would happen while I was out and who needs a wardrobe malfunction like that? I’m keeping an eye out for more fabric like this so I can give it another whirl.

I also tried out a new pattern with this one: Greenstyle’s Simpatico Leggings. I really can’t attest to how they worked out, but I do like that the calves are contoured and not just a straight fit. I’ll have to give them a try again sometime down the road to see how that works out for sure, but what I’m really after is a legging with no exterior seam.