Supply Haul

A bunch of new supplies and fabric (finally) arrived – between mix-ups and the post office holding some of my packages hostage, it seems like I’ve been waiting awhile. Of course, I neglected to snap a photo of the fabric before I threw it into the wash, but I did get some vinyls in there:

As you can see, I’ve decided to take up making my own zippers (the zipper tape I bought got cropped out of the picture). I think in the long run it will be less expensive and definitely more personalized. I wound up snagging some “basic” pulls along with several “themed” styles (like Wonder Woman). One thing that I like about these are the weight, they are definitely beefier that what you can get in stores. The glitter piping? Those were a whim purchase, but I’m sorry that I didn’t order more…. it’s FABULOUS! Photos do not do the sparkle justice.

But what I’m currently most excited about is my own version of a Baja Poncho hoodie (I suppose I’m being nostalgic about this since this was quite the rage when I was in college). For my version, I picked up So Sew English’s Men’s Oceanside Hoodie and this textured stripe double knit. Not only is this fabric is nice and thick, but incredibly soft – I’m pretty sure those ponchos in my college days were woven out of burlap. LOL

One thought on “Supply Haul

  1. Sarah

    Those ponchos were definitely made of something industrially scratchy! Anxious to see your version. Hope you are well!

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