After months (and months) of procrastinating, changing of minds, and way too much time sewing (IMHO) I have FINALLY made curtains for my living room:

I know I’ve said this before, but I really don’t care for home dec. sewing. There are times that I’m a bit more motivated to do it – especially if it’s an interesting project (like making custom slipcovers for the Henniksdal chairs) or a fun pillow, but as a whole, I dread the experience. That is probably why I put off making these for so long. However, I’m really glad I sucked it up and finished these because I think that this finally pulls the room(s) together.

In the end, I decided to go with something “light and airy” but add a coordinating fabric so that it popped some. I found that sheer fabric by the yard was far more expensive than buying a purchased curtain, so I decided to head to IKEA and buy some inexpensive panels. I found that for these windows, one set provided plenty enough material to cover both (the drapes were quite wide so I split one panel down the middle to make two new ones – the nice thing about this is that each side has a finished edge… so a bit less sewing, too!) I then added 11″ strips (folded in half, so that when sewn, measure 5″) to the top, bottom, and one side. I wound up encasing the raw edges so that if they blow open, etc. they always look finished. This process took a lot more work, but I think that they may hold up better over time too (especially if I need to wash them). Once I was done, I added curtain grommets (I found it cheaper to order these in bulk than to buy them individually) to the top edge and then hung. I really like the end result…. Now I just need to do something for the kitchen window!