Throwback v.2

I couldn’t resist making a second Throwback Tee (you can see my first one here). This time around I decided to put to use the peacock blue that didn’t seem to fit into my original version and the charcoal gray solid that I had also bought. The blue paired very well with a cotton lycra print (called Sanguine) that I bought from The Styled Magnolia and decided that this would be the perfect look to show this print off.

My original intent was to use this print for the neckline and cuffs, but when I sewed the neckband, it was just too tight. Even though this material has plenty of stretch, it is definitely much thicker and just isn’t cut out for bindings (at least not in this situation). In the end, I wound up cutting off the neckband and just going with more of the peacock blue. Unfortunately, this made the neck slightly larger so when I applied the new binding, it created some puckers… but I’m going with it anyway.