Throwback Tee

As soon as I saw George & Ginger’s latest pattern, the Throwback Tee, I knew that I had to make a rainbow shirt. Unfortunately, I tend to stock up on prints and not solids. So, to make my vision a reality, I had to go shopping. I decided to pick up several cotton\spandex knit fabrics from Girl Charlee, including the base tee shirt material. The down side to shopping online is that the colors may look different than what they do in person – I found this to be the case with 2 of my fabrics (the neon heather orange looks more coral and didn’t fit the rest of the colors and the peacock blue looked teal-ish and just not as bright as the rest of the solids). After racking my brain as to how I wanted to fix this, I decided to cut up a tee. I had purchased an orange tee at Halloween time (for an impromptu pumpkin that was never needed) that was the perfect shade for my rainbow. I also decided to skip the peacock blue and use a purple that I had in my stash. The end result? The happiest looking shirt in my closet.

Construction of this shirt was very easy – the pattern came together well and even though there are a lot of pieces, it is a very straightforward design. The fit is relaxed, but doesn’t look sloppy so I’m pleased with how it looks on. And the fabrics… let me say, I love them. They have that soft, lived in feel, but are still easy to sew – it’s a good thing that I bought several yards of the grays because I can see making more tees with these in my future.

Now the downside: This is one of the times that it was not less expensive to sew (by a lot). I did spend quite a bit to achieve this look, but I also have quite a bit left over to make other projects (or even other versions of this pattern). With that said, I did come out with a fantastic custom shirt and feel ridiculously happy wearing it, so it’s a win in my book.