Star Spangled Joggers

I recently saw the most adorable pair of joggers online. Sadly, they were sold out… and not coming back. Fortunately when I was fabric shopping recently, I spotted a French Terry that would make a great knock-off:

For my version, I opted to use Sonja Estep’s Penelope Pants pattern. While I have several different jogger patterns, I haven’t quite found “the one” that makes me want to sew it over and over again. So, how did this one stack up?

Overall, the Penelope pants are pretty good right out of the printer. For me the length is a bit too much (I could easily take off 3″) and the waistband is still thicker than what I want (which seems to be my biggest issue with so may patterns), but all of these are fixed pretty easily. I will say that the waistband stays up better (even without elastic or a drawstring) than other joggers that I’ve made which is a win because as much as I like the Logger pattern, I hate hiking up my pants throughout the day to keep them on. Overall, the Penelope Pant is a keeper, but I will have to give the yoga pant a whirl to see how those feel in comparison to the Portlanders before I give my “final approval”. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my knockoff pants!