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More Sneaks

It is finally our turn for spring break. While Easton finished up a project (for school) of his own, I put the finishing touches on an article…. which means I can’t show you the entire project, but a little sneak won’t hurt, right?

Now that the work is behind us, we’re set to have some fun. So, I fully expect that I won’t get a ton of sewing in. I do have quite a bit of new fabrics and notions coming in and have a few patterns to try out as well – so when it all hits, I’m hoping I’m as productive as what I feel.


After months (and months) of procrastinating, changing of minds, and way too much time sewing (IMHO) I have FINALLY made curtains for my living room:

I know I’ve said this before, but I really don’t care for home dec. sewing. There are times that I’m a bit more motivated to do it – especially if it’s an interesting project (like making custom slipcovers for the Henniksdal chairs) or a fun pillow, but as a whole, I dread the experience. That is probably why I put off making these for so long. However, I’m really glad I sucked it up and finished these because I think that this finally pulls the room(s) together.

In the end, I decided to go with something “light and airy” but add a coordinating fabric so that it popped some. I found that sheer fabric by the yard was far more expensive than buying a purchased curtain, so I decided to head to IKEA and buy some inexpensive panels. I found that for these windows, one set provided plenty enough material to cover both (the drapes were quite wide so I split one panel down the middle to make two new ones – the nice thing about this is that each side has a finished edge… so a bit less sewing, too!) I then added 11″ strips (folded in half, so that when sewn, measure 5″) to the top, bottom, and one side. I wound up encasing the raw edges so that if they blow open, etc. they always look finished. This process took a lot more work, but I think that they may hold up better over time too (especially if I need to wash them). Once I was done, I added curtain grommets (I found it cheaper to order these in bulk than to buy them individually) to the top edge and then hung. I really like the end result…. Now I just need to do something for the kitchen window!

Linky Thursday

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Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to start planning those summer projects – like this Florida Beach Towel.

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A New Batch

I hope you’re not tired of seeing new t-shirts because I’ve made a new batch:

I really had no intention on buying more as I’m waiting for a very large pre-order to arrive, but Little Lovies had some Bob’s Burgers designs (I got at least one of each), a fun murder show print (Taylor loves shows like Forensic Files and unsolved murder podcasts), and this adorable little Frida…. I couldn’t resist!

Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on some articles this past week so I can’t show you completed projects…. but I supposes I can give a sneak peek!

When I went into this project, I had a totally different idea in mind, but as I stared at my materials, something new popped in my head. I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work, but after doing a bit of “testing” I was pleasantly surprised at the results. So I forged ahead and really love the end result. I also got to try a “new to me” material and can’t wait to try it again in a different capacity… good thing I bought additional yardage in a different colorway!


When the Rory Raglan first came out, I didn’t think this was a pattern that I wanted. Then (after the sale, of course), I started seeing people posting their makes and had instant regret. So, after mulling it over for a few days, I broke down and bought it… and I’m so glad I did, I LOVE IT. As a bonus, I noticed that this is a very similar style that’s appearing in stores now too!

For this version I made the Low V-Neck (and hood) with short sleeves and a hemmed high hip shirt length. After digging through my stash I decided to finally use a stripe French terry that I got in a So Sew English bundle ages ago – I had originally be saving this for something Easton might want, but he’s not that into having me make things for him, so I’m finally putting it to good use (if you like this print, they did stock the same, or something very similar last week).

Construction on the Rory was great. I honestly thought that the neckline might look a little wonky (you are dealing with a very thin facing piece), but it really does look fantastic (I am sure that fabric choice may have something to do with it as well). The pieces went together well, the directions were good, and assembly took just a few hours from start to finish – it might even go faster if you opt to use bands instead of hems! I did speed things up a bit by skipping the drawstring, largely because I have completely run out of grommets and didn’t want to make button holes. Besides the hood isn’t very functional considering the neckline I chose!

As for the fit – this style top is designed to be relaxed, but it doesn’t look sloppy. I also think that the neckline is very flattering and different than anything I currently own. All in all it’s a winner!

I can definitely see making more of these in the future – in fact I’m plotting how I could use it next!

Linky Thursday

Got scraps? Learn how to turn them into a fun, quilted jacket.

This cute cow plush has applique templates and machine embroidery files – and it’s free!

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Color blocking is a big trend right now, especially in sewing. Here’s a pattern for a colorblocked tote and a great tutorial on how to add color blocking to an existing pattern – both are great places to start if you’re interested in trying this technique.

These little bunny slippers are so adorable, I wish they came in adult sizes!

If you’re looking to add a bit of spring to you’re decor, be sure to check out this little chicks applique pillow. It’s so colorful!

Add a little sass to your kitchen with this flouncy apron.

Stop the burns when you’re reaching for those hot pans with this long arm oven mitts tutorial.

Throwback v.2

I couldn’t resist making a second Throwback Tee (you can see my first one here). This time around I decided to put to use the peacock blue that didn’t seem to fit into my original version and the charcoal gray solid that I had also bought. The blue paired very well with a cotton lycra print (called Sanguine) that I bought from The Styled Magnolia and decided that this would be the perfect look to show this print off.

My original intent was to use this print for the neckline and cuffs, but when I sewed the neckband, it was just too tight. Even though this material has plenty of stretch, it is definitely much thicker and just isn’t cut out for bindings (at least not in this situation). In the end, I wound up cutting off the neckband and just going with more of the peacock blue. Unfortunately, this made the neck slightly larger so when I applied the new binding, it created some puckers… but I’m going with it anyway.

Fabric For Pirates Bundle

Late last year, Patterns for Pirates started a fabric subscription service called Fabric For Pirates. Their bundle includes 2 yards of knit fabric, a sewing notion, and a coupon for $30, which includes shipping (there are also videos, inspiration looks, and tips for working with the fabric). I decided a while ago that this wasn’t something that I was interested in, but when they noted that they had the extras of this month’s box (so a 1 time purchase), I decided to see what it was all about.

Shipping was incredibly fast (next day) so I received my bundle within days of ordering. Inside my package was 2 yards of a blue, jacquard dot knit, a pair of small snips, and a $5 off coupon for any pattern on the site. I’ll be honest, I’m on the fence about this material – it’s not something that I probably would have ordered for myself, but it’s not a bad fabric either. I haven’t seen anyone use this material yet (you were supposed to wait until the 15th to reveal so that everyone has a chance to receive their box) so that may help give me a few ideas. The thread snips are fabulous, though. I’m finding that I use these more and more. As for the coupon, I haven’t used it yet. Patterns for Pirates released a new pattern the other day, the Be Bold Bodysuit, but I don’t see myself making it…. I pretty much left my bodysuit days back in the ’90’s. Instead, I’m contemplating buying the Gala Gown and making an epic sundress for a wedding that is late this summer (crossing fingers).

Was it worth it? meh. If I was more in love with the fabric I might have a different answer. I did like what they offered last month (which was a tie dye alpaca sweater knit, yum!) so if they have excess boxes, I might give it a try again, but I don’t think I’ll opt for the subscription just yet.

Throwback Tee

As soon as I saw George & Ginger’s latest pattern, the Throwback Tee, I knew that I had to make a rainbow shirt. Unfortunately, I tend to stock up on prints and not solids. So, to make my vision a reality, I had to go shopping. I decided to pick up several cotton\spandex knit fabrics from Girl Charlee, including the base tee shirt material. The down side to shopping online is that the colors may look different than what they do in person – I found this to be the case with 2 of my fabrics (the neon heather orange looks more coral and didn’t fit the rest of the colors and the peacock blue looked teal-ish and just not as bright as the rest of the solids). After racking my brain as to how I wanted to fix this, I decided to cut up a tee. I had purchased an orange tee at Halloween time (for an impromptu pumpkin that was never needed) that was the perfect shade for my rainbow. I also decided to skip the peacock blue and use a purple that I had in my stash. The end result? The happiest looking shirt in my closet.

Construction of this shirt was very easy – the pattern came together well and even though there are a lot of pieces, it is a very straightforward design. The fit is relaxed, but doesn’t look sloppy so I’m pleased with how it looks on. And the fabrics… let me say, I love them. They have that soft, lived in feel, but are still easy to sew – it’s a good thing that I bought several yards of the grays because I can see making more tees with these in my future.

Now the downside: This is one of the times that it was not less expensive to sew (by a lot). I did spend quite a bit to achieve this look, but I also have quite a bit left over to make other projects (or even other versions of this pattern). With that said, I did come out with a fantastic custom shirt and feel ridiculously happy wearing it, so it’s a win in my book.