What We Do In The Shadows

Awhile ago I had ordered (quite a bit) of fabric from Zor-Elle – including a great What We Do In the Shadows print. (If you haven’t seen the FX series, I highly recommend checking it out). I wasn’t sure how I was going to use this fabric until I saw Tee Fury’s Family Portrait shirt… then I knew this fabric had to become…. leggings shorts!

Let me start off by saying, I did give serious consideration into making a pair of leggings, but I am really tired of winter and thought that spring sewing might bring warmer weather. Plus, I have a lot of patterned leggings and thought shorts might change things up a bit. In searching for a pattern, I decided I wanted a pair of shorts that were loose fitting enough that I could lounge around in them, but still looked presentable enough to be worn outside the house too. So, I decided to revisit Peek-a-boo Patterns Summer Lovin’ Shorts.

I was in between sizes so I opted to make the larger of the two (because I’d rather them be a bit big that too tight). I think that the finished fit of this one is a bit big, but it still works for it’s purpose. The fabric, which is a bit thick, may also contribute to making it look a bit larger as it’s beefier and doesn’t drape a lot. But, it has POCKETS (and I think everything this year needs pockets)!