Naughty Nice PJs

With this month being Valentine’s Day, I started seeing a lot of people making Made for Mermaid’s Naughty Nice PJs… like a lot. I hadn’t had an interest in making these before, but after seeing so many cute versions, I decided to give it a try myself.

Fortunately while rummaging through my stash (yay, no shopping), I found a pretty stretch lace that I had picked up quite some time ago from Needle Nook Fabrics and an almost satin like stretch ponte fabric that I had picked up from SoSewEnglish (I had orginally purchased this fabric for a pair of Jalie Renee ponte pants, but thought the fabric was too shiny). Both sewed up very well and had the perfect amout of stretch for this project.

As for the pattern…. I am shocked at how easy this was. The directions are good and everything came together well. I can see that the placket might cause some beginners some grief, but here is a supplemental video to help if the directions seem confusing. But my favorite thing about this project is that it this was sewn up in about 2 hours (maybe 2 1/2, I didn’t time myself because I wasn’t expecting this to go so quickly). I am also thrilled that I was able to use some fabric that was sitting in my stash for so long too – not to mention the fact that between the cost of the pattern and fabric, I was able to make this for under $20. I’m pretty sure Victoria’s Secret would charge at least double for this!