Valentine Nicky

Valentine’s Day looks a little different than last year. I wanted to feel more festive about the holiday so I decided to make myself a new top. I picked up SoSewEnglish’s Black/Red Hearts Oakley Sweater knit fabric and decided to give Made for Mermaid’s Nicky a try.

First off, if you haven’t had a chance to sew Oakley fabric, you’re missing out on some of the softest material. It’s also lightweight enough that it has good drape, good stretch and recovery, and is easy to sew.

As for the Nicky, this is an over sized tee with several different options to change up the look. For my first attempt, I made a scoop neck (for an off the shoulder look) with elasticized sleeves (so there’s a bit of poof) and a hem band. It was very straightforward and easy to put together and I like the end result. With that said, if I make it again (I would like to try the open back), I think I would go down one size. I know it’s supposed to be oversized, but I think that the open back might look better if there wasn’t so much material.