Heat Press

Well, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a heat press.

After washing several screen print shirts that had been done with the Cricut press, I noticed that some were cracking (and one had some unusual bubbling). I decided that if I was gong to continue to do shirts like this, I had probably invest in a real heat press. I did a lot of research and decided one of Heat Press Nation’s Craft Presses. This machine was a good size (just larger than most screen prints that I use), had a slide out tray, and high pressure! Everything I should need to get a good tee!

One thing that I didn’t count on was how heavy the press is. We decided that it was probably too much for the table I had in mind, so I bit the bullet again and bought a press stand. This thing is a BEAST – it’s extremely heavy itself (so it’s perfect for the weight of this machine) and has locking wheels – so I can wheel this away and store it when not in us. In both cases, they shipped my items out the same day, so I had my items FAST!

I’ve managed to press a few shirts to send off to Taylor for Valentine’s – wow, what a difference a heat press makes!

1 thought on “Heat Press

  1. Kathy

    Yikes! This is timely for me. I was just looking at the Crichton heat presses at Joann. Maybe I should just make an investment in one like yours.

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