Summit Peak

Just in time to withstand the frigid temperatures of the Polar Vortex, my Summit Peak Hoodie is complete! As I mentioned last week, this is a French Terry panel (there is still some available in various sizes and fabrics) and matching stripe from Blended Threads – it is very thick, so it’s perfect for keeping cozy in these chilly temps.

Since this is my first time making this pattern, I thought I would sum up my experience with it. First off, the fit: It’s definitely a lot more fitted than what I expected. Some of this is because the material is so thick, but mostly because of the cut. I was on the cusp of two sizes and I’m glad that I opted to sew the larger one. My only complaint about the fit is the pocket: while I love the overall size of it, the thicker French Terry that I used makes a lot of bulk in this area. If I don’t having it laying down “just so” it makes me look like I have a pooch, or I’m several month’s pregnant. Next time, I think I would opt for a thinner material for the pocket and lining.

As far as construction goes, I would definitely rank this as “intermediate”. The instructions are fairly clear, but I’ll be honest, the whole pocket make me scratch my head for awhile. While the pocket (eventually) came together fine, I’m thinking that there has to be an easier way to put this together. With that said, I’m sure future attempts will go a lot smoother. The rest of the hoodie was pretty straightforward in construction (and I learned that you do have to line the hood) and went together without any issues.

Overall, I really love the end result – the fabric works well with this design and everything pops! I can definitely see making more of these in the future.