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Linky Thursday

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t sew yourself a pair of risque lingerie like the Smitten Kitten tutorial from George and Ginger. Looking for something with a big more coverage? Try this panty from So Sew Easy.

If you’re looking for something different to gift this Easter, then you’ll definitely want to check out this cute bunny backpack.

Whether you’re traveling or just organizing your closet, these shoe bags are sure to keep your favorite footwear tidy.

Mitered corners are great for quilts, napkins, and more! Learn how to sew them up perfectly in this article.

Still cold where you are? Warm up with this wearable blanket… it even has a hood!

Not only will this tutorial teach you how to sew a circular decorative pillow, you get a free embroidery design for it too!

Enter to win a Tula Pink Homemade Jelly Roll.

Need a new look, fast? Learn how to sew an elastic waist skirt.

Waist packs, fanny packs, belted pouches, hip pack… No matter what you call them, you’re probably going to want one because they aren’t going anywhere! Here’s another free tutorial to give you more options.

These little carrot treat bags are perfect for gift giving this holiday.

What We Do In The Shadows

Awhile ago I had ordered (quite a bit) of fabric from Zor-Elle – including a great What We Do In the Shadows print. (If you haven’t seen the FX series, I highly recommend checking it out). I wasn’t sure how I was going to use this fabric until I saw Tee Fury’s Family Portrait shirt… then I knew this fabric had to become…. leggings shorts!

Let me start off by saying, I did give serious consideration into making a pair of leggings, but I am really tired of winter and thought that spring sewing might bring warmer weather. Plus, I have a lot of patterned leggings and thought shorts might change things up a bit. In searching for a pattern, I decided I wanted a pair of shorts that were loose fitting enough that I could lounge around in them, but still looked presentable enough to be worn outside the house too. So, I decided to revisit Peek-a-boo Patterns Summer Lovin’ Shorts.

I was in between sizes so I opted to make the larger of the two (because I’d rather them be a bit big that too tight). I think that the finished fit of this one is a bit big, but it still works for it’s purpose. The fabric, which is a bit thick, may also contribute to making it look a bit larger as it’s beefier and doesn’t drape a lot. But, it has POCKETS (and I think everything this year needs pockets)!

Del Mar Dolman

I recently had the opportunity to test So Sew English’s latest pattern, the Del Mar Dolman Top & Hoodie and finally get to show you my version.

Even though it’s snowing outside, I decided that I wanted something that would bring me into spring. So, I opted to make a banded, short sleeve tee with a hem band and demi mock. To “dress it up” a bit, I used a black lurex stripe that I had gotten in a bundle awhile ago…. and I love the end result. I think that this is a look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and would work with cute jacket (or maybe even a cardigan) right now!

As for the fit, I think it was spot on. The pattern was easy to put together, but I can’t speak for the directions because at the time I made this, they hadn’t been finalized. With that said, the construction is pretty straightforward so I’d still gauge this as a good beginner pattern. If you’re interested in grabbing this pattern, it’s on sale for $3.99 through the end of the week!

Lots of Shirts

I figured I had better put that heat press to good use, so I made a big batch of tees.

All of these screen print designs are from Krafty Korner Supplies – each of these are from their $1 mega sale! The tees are Bella Canvas (my favorite brand at the moment) and purchased from Jiffy Shirts. Between the designs and the tees, each of these shirts were made for around $6! I’m anxious to see how these hold up in comparison to what I’ve been doing in the past. I’ve never been so excited to do laundry!

Linky Thursday

Breathe new life into old shirts. Learn how to turn a ring neck tee into a v-neck.

Looking for some cute gift ideas for a baby shower? Check out these tutorials for a bandanna bib, traditional bib (and one with a crumb catcher), and burp cloth. These would make a great set!

This makeup pouch opens flat so you can easily grab everything inside, plus has a great clear, zippered pocket for storage. This one works for sewing notions too!

with 73% of the US covered in snow, chances are you need some winter gear like this fleece ear warmer. Looking for something more full coverage? Here’s a beanie pattern with sizes for the whole family.

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

Learn how to sew a pet bed…. and this one is reversible!

Scrunchies are here to stay and so easy to sew. This tutorial has 4 different versions to change up your look.

Staying in means more time in pjs. Here’s a free unisex pattern so you can make some extras.

Sleeves with extra volume are hot right now – learn how to make a shirt with lantern sleeves, here.

Laura Loungewear

We’ve been staying at home so much that I find I’m drawn to loungewear, activewear, and athleisure patterns. Which is why I probably purchased Swim Style‘s new release, the Lara Loungewear Set as soon as I saw it. I also knew I had the perfect fabric in my stash to make it, too!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not always a fan of extremely oversized patterns. Needless to say I was hesitant on how the Lara Loungewear would look when I was finished with it, but oversized shirts seem to be a popular look this year (and the model looked adorable) so I’m going with it (at worst, I figured I could just use this as a sleepwear and no one would ever need to see it). The end result? Probably one of the most comfortable loungewear items I own. In part it’s because the pattern is roomy and has a nice flow, but also because this French Terry feels so good and is just the right weight (in my humble opinion). The shirt is HUGE, though. It works because it drapes, but if I make this for myself again, I think I may go down one size. I feel like the pants are spot on though.

As for the pattern itself, it’s very easy to put together. My only complaint is that the sleeve pattern piece overlaps with the shirt front piece, so you are forced to trace one of them off (and cut completely out from the printed PDF). This pattern is definitely beginner friendly, but if you happen to get stuck along the way, there is a supplemental video they’ve put together that will help with construction.

Naughty Nice PJs

With this month being Valentine’s Day, I started seeing a lot of people making Made for Mermaid’s Naughty Nice PJs… like a lot. I hadn’t had an interest in making these before, but after seeing so many cute versions, I decided to give it a try myself.

Fortunately while rummaging through my stash (yay, no shopping), I found a pretty stretch lace that I had picked up quite some time ago from Needle Nook Fabrics and an almost satin like stretch ponte fabric that I had picked up from SoSewEnglish (I had orginally purchased this fabric for a pair of Jalie Renee ponte pants, but thought the fabric was too shiny). Both sewed up very well and had the perfect amout of stretch for this project.

As for the pattern…. I am shocked at how easy this was. The directions are good and everything came together well. I can see that the placket might cause some beginners some grief, but here is a supplemental video to help if the directions seem confusing. But my favorite thing about this project is that it this was sewn up in about 2 hours (maybe 2 1/2, I didn’t time myself because I wasn’t expecting this to go so quickly). I am also thrilled that I was able to use some fabric that was sitting in my stash for so long too – not to mention the fact that between the cost of the pattern and fabric, I was able to make this for under $20. I’m pretty sure Victoria’s Secret would charge at least double for this!

Valentine Nicky

Valentine’s Day looks a little different than last year. I wanted to feel more festive about the holiday so I decided to make myself a new top. I picked up SoSewEnglish’s Black/Red Hearts Oakley Sweater knit fabric and decided to give Made for Mermaid’s Nicky a try.

First off, if you haven’t had a chance to sew Oakley fabric, you’re missing out on some of the softest material. It’s also lightweight enough that it has good drape, good stretch and recovery, and is easy to sew.

As for the Nicky, this is an over sized tee with several different options to change up the look. For my first attempt, I made a scoop neck (for an off the shoulder look) with elasticized sleeves (so there’s a bit of poof) and a hem band. It was very straightforward and easy to put together and I like the end result. With that said, if I make it again (I would like to try the open back), I think I would go down one size. I know it’s supposed to be oversized, but I think that the open back might look better if there wasn’t so much material.

Linky Thursday

Paper bag pants are still a hot trend going into this year. Learn how to make your own here.

These little love note fabric envelopes are a cute way to stash goodies, gift cards… maybe even jewelry this holiday!

There’s still plenty of time to decorate for Valentine’s Day and this bunting looks to sew up fast!

Stitch up a cute koala plush and give it to your sweetie this holiday.

Enter to win an 18 piece fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

This polar vortex is no joke! Keep your fingers toasty with a cute upcycled hand warmer – one of them is even perfect for Valentines!

Never lose the remotes in the couch cushions again when you make one of these handy 5 Pocket Chair Arm Cadys.

Always loosing your chapstick? Always keep yours handy with this easy lip balm holder keychain project.

Keep your home or car tidy with this hanging organizer.

Heat Press

Well, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a heat press.

After washing several screen print shirts that had been done with the Cricut press, I noticed that some were cracking (and one had some unusual bubbling). I decided that if I was gong to continue to do shirts like this, I had probably invest in a real heat press. I did a lot of research and decided one of Heat Press Nation’s Craft Presses. This machine was a good size (just larger than most screen prints that I use), had a slide out tray, and high pressure! Everything I should need to get a good tee!

One thing that I didn’t count on was how heavy the press is. We decided that it was probably too much for the table I had in mind, so I bit the bullet again and bought a press stand. This thing is a BEAST – it’s extremely heavy itself (so it’s perfect for the weight of this machine) and has locking wheels – so I can wheel this away and store it when not in us. In both cases, they shipped my items out the same day, so I had my items FAST!

I’ve managed to press a few shirts to send off to Taylor for Valentine’s – wow, what a difference a heat press makes!