Bernie 2.0

I figured that if I was going to make more Bernie keychains, that I had better get to it before the memes got old.

For round of tags and keyrings, I used String Theory’s Mitten Man snap\fob and the Mittens Dangle embroidery designs. In both cases, it is recommended to use a very heavyweight stabilizer because the stitching is so dense. While the fobs weren’t terrible, let me tell you those mitten dangles were (somewhat) problematic. The stitching on these are VERY dense – so much so, I was worried about how the final stitching would turn out when I added the backing. While they did fine, I think that the underside turned out horribly…. and these were (somewhat) difficult to cut. I’m guessing it was a combination of the vinyl (I used marine which is thick in itself and the double stabilizer that gave me the issue. I also found that the end result was so thick that I wound up using a black sharpie on the edges so you couldn’t see the stabilizer layers on the sides.

Was it worth the effort? Yes! These are ADORABLE (and the mitten dangles really complete the look). Would I do it again? No. Not only is everyone getting burned out on the Bernie memes, these really were time consuming to make.

Now it’s time to get back to some regularly scheduled sewing projects. I have been plotting all the things I want to sew up and need to make them happen!