Linky Thursday

Keep your furry friend cozy this winter with a fleece pet bed (and it should look great in your house too).

Need an apron, fast? This one uses a purchased towel, some fun fabrics, and 30 minutes!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your sewing room by stitching up this cute, heart pincushion.

Have an Among Us fan in your house? Then you’ll definitely want to stitch them up an Imposter plush!

This A-Frame organizer is a great way to keep your purse, sewing room, car, or living room organized.

I am a huge fan of overnighter style duffels. I love the different style options with this one.

Use your Cricut Maker to cut the fabric you need to make this cute Valentine’s Day Quilt.

I’m watching it snow outside as I type this and I’m thinking, “I could really use a hat like this today.”

Sitch yourself up a sweatshirt tunic with this free pattern.

Enter to win one of 5 LED sewing machine light kits.

While it’s not a sewing tutorial, this Valentine’s mug is so easy that you’ll want to whip out your sharpies and make a few.