Baby Green & More

I’ve purchased a few “time sensitive” (i.e. Valentine’s Day, more Bernie mitten’s designs, etc.) that need to be stitched out before the holiday (or we start getting tired of seeing the Bernie memes) passes. So, yesterday I decided to tackle a couple of embroidery designs.

First up, “Baby Green” (aka Baby Yoda, Grogu, or The Child) as a Valentine’s Day bookmark. First off, I need a new shade of green. This one is really green and with those little heart antennae, he looks like a Martian. Secondly, the (inside) ears suck. This is the third set of these type of designs and the right ear always shreds the vinyl. These were so bad that I wound up having to put a fusible stabilizer behind it so that when it came time to do the black outline, it didn’t jam up my machine, or completely ruin the bookmark. They turned out ok and are still giftable (they are for my kids), but I really need to figure out what is happening there.

My second project is a fun, Punk’s Not Dead keychain. This was bought on a whim because it reminded me of my brother-in-law who plays bass in a punk band in his spare time.

One thought on “Baby Green & More

  1. Susan PJ

    Might be something in the digitizing that is causing the ear problem. It couldn’t be you, of course!!

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