Since everyone is still working from home and school, I decided that my wardrobe should probably reflect our current situation more… so you may be seeing more loungewear\athlesiure for awhile!

To kick off off my comfy clothes sewing, I decided to dig into my pattern stash and sew something I haven’t made before – Seamwork’s Mel, a knit, mi-rise jogger pattern with front pockets and elastic, drawstring waistband. I opted to make my pair out of a leopard print French Terry from SoSewEnglish fabrics (with a contrasting waistband and cuffs, also in French Terry).

Overall this pattern was easy to put together. Mel is labeled for beginners, and overall, I would have to agree with that label – except when it comes to the waistband. Not only does it have buttonholes (for making a drawstring), but also sewing a casing\topstitching after the elastic is inserted, which may be a bit more difficult for someone without out a lot of experience. However, the instructions were very straightforward and great to follow.

But what I’m sure you’re really wanting to know is, How is the fit? Let me start off by saying that I was in between two sizes, so I opted to sew the larger size (I figured it was better to go too big in loungewear than too small). The finished look is a bit baggier than the model’s so I might have been able to get away with using the smaller sizing or just used a slightly larger seam allowance. I did find that the waistband elastic was a tad too small for me so I wound up expanding it by a couple of inches – it doesn’t seem to effect wear (it didn’t fall down), but it seems comfier than what was recommended. Once I make a top for this (because I feel the need for a leopard loungewear set), then I’ll be sure to model the finished look.