First Project of the Year

My first project of the year is complete and it wound up being a complete mystery as to what I sewed!

You see, I had cut this project out mid last year and started sewing it together, but apparently put the pattern pieces and instructions away when I cleaned up my sewing room. I’m 99% sure that this is a solid front Oaklynn from Made for Mermaids, but I can’t be for certain. The collar seems a bit larger than my previous version, but I think that may be because I used a different seam allowance (or I cut it wrong?). Overall, it’s fine, but it’s not love – I think that the white collar is throwing me off (there were supposed to be white cuffs, but wound up omitting them in the end). It does have a bit of a nautical vibe to it, so I thought that it might look better paired with a pair of white pants and some Chucks for a springy look which does seem to improve the overall look for me. Next time I’m going to try to not put my project aside so I can remember what I was doing in the first place!