More Zombies

I was a little belated in a few of my stocking stuffer gifts this year as I just finished up this fun mini-notebook the other day. It is similar to this one that I made last month, but with a few modifications:

For this version, I opted to use a leather fabric for the exterior. I can honestly say, I think I like the vinyl better. This particular leather is soft and supple, and while it feels very nice to use, it “bubbled” a bit in a few areas. I found that the leather did hold the stitches very nicely, but didn’t trim as neatly as the vinyl. Lesson learned.

This notebook also glows in the dark. However, last time I used nothing but glow threads and you just couldn’t tell the difference between colors. So this time, I opted to only use these threads for the outline of the zombie head so there was a bit more contrast.

Some other issues I had last time that I fixed this round: I reduced the size of the elastic strap to 8″ – this is a much nicer fit! I also slowed the machine way down when attaching the backing on this one and as a result had a lot cleaner look to the finished notebook. It’s not perfect, but definitely improved.

I now have one more ornament to make (in my defense I did buy it just before Christmas) and then I’m done!