Santa PJs

Somehow, a few days before Christmas, I managed to find a few hours to sneak away and make a pair of last minute pajamas. It’s a good thing too, because I fee like this fabric had to be used before Christmas. So, without further, ado, I present: The Santa Jammies.

I used Jalie’s Jeanne knit PJ set and a fun little Santa Stripe bundle from So Sew English Fabrics to make this set. And I just love the way they turned out – I feel like a festive little elf! Once again, this pattern sewed up very quickly (in just a few hours) and the fit is perfectly comfy, but this print is a double brushed poly so it’s a bit warm to wear at times. At some point I’m going to modify the sleeves so they are short so I can extend the life of this pattern – apparently I easily get overheated at night!