Last Minute

It seems like this time of year I’m always working on last minute gifts. This year I’m not putting a ton of pressure on myself to finish items, but I do have several things I’d like to complete. But first, more ornaments!

I had a few more eff 2020 ornaments to make for friends – I’m pretty addicted to these in variegated threads. I also made a fun “holiday” plague doctor for Bret and an Santa Among Us Crewmate for Easton. I’m not thrilled with the stitchout on the Among Us design – I’m not sure if it’s something I did, or just the design itself…. at least Easton won’t judge it too hard. LOL

I think after these, I’m ready for this funny 2020 dog ornament – I mean, I can’t leave our puppers out of all the fun, right? Then I have a few notebooks to stitch out and will probably call it a day… or maybe I’ll get a small bag in.